supreme in a sentence

Example sentences for supreme

The second law will rule supreme though gravity can interfere.
He was a poet-naturalist-and, of course, a supreme self-dramatist.
The king is an absolute monarch with supreme executive, legislative, and judicial powers.
The cross-country trip is the supreme example of the journey as the destination.
The question of the safety of this project is of supreme concern to all.
Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.
To know how to enter a drawing-room is supposed to be one of the supreme tests of good breeding.
The storm hood and powder skirt can be fully removed for supreme customization as the conditions demand.
Subjective judgment must not receive supreme power to decide who can or cannot get tenure.
His films function as supreme audience entertainments, almost by definition.
When he arrives, he stops and stands before the cube with supreme patience.
But that supreme moment is tragic rather than harmonious.
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