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Organic weed control encourages weed suppression rather than elimination.
In some cases, hormone replacement or suppression may be necessary.
The secret: the suppression of self-expression is impossible.
The risks of tolerance, the certainties of suppression.
His reign was characterised by a combination of skilful foreign policy and ruthless suppression of domestic dissent.
And what remained in semi-natural habitats suffered invasion by woody shrubs--a consequence of fire suppression.
The rumors about fertility suppression drugs need to be true.
Call quality is great thanks to a noise suppression technology.
The modern view is that the complete suppression of fire has upset the natural order of things.
Sturdy aluminum tripod provides excellent vibration suppression.
They also lived in an era of heavy government oppression and suppression of basic human rights.
The first is the junta's brutal suppression of last autumn's monk-led protests.
Many conifer stands are converting to hardwood species due to fire suppression.
Decades of fire suppression have caused a great increase in fuel loads.
The government's response has changed, seemingly overnight, from suppression to intervention.
The suppression of names was intended to crush allegiances that might supersede loyalty to the state.
The saddest stories are about the suppression of music.
He's not talking about ionizing radiation, but suppression of the immune system.
On the other hand, high-activity promoter regions could be regarded as genes for the suppression of violence.
The suppression is so well organized that government does not need to do anything else.
But consideration for his parents' sensibilities would have required the suppression of this misadventure.
Our happiness in this world proceeds from the suppression of our desires, but in the next from the gratification.
The suppression of unnecessary offices, of useless establishments and expenses, enabled us to discontinue our internal taxes.
Correcting a fault and a quick fix or suppression arent exactly the same thing.
Knowledge of such an enzyme-suppression mechanism might have proven helpful to people suffering from gastric ulcers.
The dorsolateral section is thought to be the engine of memory suppression, a type of willful forgetting.
But in the decades that followed, suppression of natural fires thickened forests-creating more fuel for even larger infernos.
They are the result of the effective suppression of a symptom and of the disease, creating a more serious illness.
The engine of such suppression is your prefrontal cortex-the same region of the brain that puts brakes on inappropriate actions.
Without that suppression, the pathogen can proliferate enough until it expresses quorum sensing and causes disease.
Considering the self-suppression such a life entails, the present rate of wages can hardly be regarded as too high.
The immune suppression would almost certainly be fatal in a pretty short time period.
The equation is simple: the absence or suppression of civil liberties leads necessarily to the suppression of media freedom.
Treatment includes suppression of immune activity with steroid hormones.
Thanks to decades of zealous fire-suppression, forests are overcrowded and carpeted with dead trees and other fuels.
It is often vicious in its suppression of opponents and its disregard for human rights.
But it is a first step toward the complete suppression of spontaneous emission.
Natural wealth doesn't have to result in cultural suppression.
It is all to be out in the open, so that there is no hint of suppression of dissent.
By doing so, they've pretended to be the opposite of what they are to hide their true agenda of suppression of new ideas.
It's obvious that it's being used to promote governmental intervention and the suppression of individual rights.
There, a new and improved world might be one that allows the readier suppression of individual differences and aspirations.
Advance reports of both efforts spurred demands for their suppression, virtually all of them from people who hadn't seen them.

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