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Example sentences for supposing

Supposing that another life form had reached human intelligence level, and then survived, for another million years.
Indeed that could be the point, supposing it deters free-riders.
The debate still continues over whether further stimulus would be helpful, supposing politics or the financial markets allowed it.
To reduce technological progress-even supposing one could do it-would be to condemn poor countries to stay poor.
Supposing the so-called crackdown was eliminated, that means the security is ramshackle and arouses foreign invasions.
Supposing will take you places you never dared imagine.
Supposing that the case contained rose-wood and a color.
The seamanship at fault: but this expression may be glossed by supposing the boatswain to have sounded that call on his whistle.
Thus, the consumer is misled into supposing that the account has more funds than is actually the case.

Famous quotes containing the word supposing

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