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There was, in fact, someone behind bars for what he'd supposedly done during the subprime bubble.
We find this particularly distressing in a scholarly community supposedly devoted to freewheeling inquiry.
The mission is to embed propaganda messages in supposedly objective reports.
Finding traces of pollution in a supposedly pristine mountain brook is sadly no longer surprising.
She supposedly watched the procession from afar and immediately returned to exile.
Some soldiers supposedly have a sixth sense when it comes to spotting bombs.
Villa's ride with his horse on the gorgeous marble stairs where his horse supposedly chipped one of the steps.
Even when supposedly non-lethal weapons are used to subdue a suspect, people can still die.
Supposedly it's all part of the great vegan conspiracy.
They won't hold water as well as the lower one, but they'll supposedly last a bit longer.
Accounts of his kingdom were written hundreds of years after it supposedly existed.
Forget dark matter: even the supposedly normal matter of the universe is mysterious enough.
Supposedly it can take some time to start working properly.
Before then the supposedly offensive words were common place and not considered overly vulgar.
It's greed and the fact that money makes you more equal than others in our supposedly equal society.
Now the focus is on inequality itself, and its supposedly pernicious consequences.
Many paranormal events in supposedly haunted environs report the same things happening over and over again.
Zinc supposedly helps the body's natural defenses work to their natural capacity and decrease the severity and length of a cold.
For the last year, the literary world has been in a mild uproar over the supposedly vexed question of harsh reviewing.
Intellectual, or supposedly intellectual, folks frequently sneer at the contemporary theatre.
It has cut-outs for camera and home button, and supposedly goes on bubble-free, every time.
Gin-soaked white raisins also supposedly do the trick.
It was one of his supposedly substandard teachers who encouraged him to write in the first place.
It was crushing, since it was always advertised on tv, to not be able to taste this supposedly wonderful cereal.
Even supposedly better-governed post-communist countries have problems with customs services.
At the same time our troops can interdict the weapons supposedly heading south.
Since supposedly the universe is expanding its entirely possible.
Supposedly this would calm traffic and make drivers more careful around the soft humans as they cross the street.
And with something supposedly so tough, you'd expect more than the paltry one year warrantee.
His chosen cause is the repatriation of billions of dollars supposedly stashed abroad by the rich and crooked.
Each set also comes with several extra pieces, with which you are supposedly able to build extra small things.
He also says that some suspects who supposedly registered for some sites never visited them.
Supposedly safer, but if you see the hits that go on, you would have to wonder about that logic.
Supposedly evolution occurs by natural selection after random mutation.
It's named for the nearby wooden bridge where a half-dozen people have supposedly killed themselves over the years.
These grants are supposedly available through large corporations.
But marijuana and hashish, which supposedly make us less useful, should be punished severely.
Endowments are vague, amalgamated gestures toward a supposedly grand tomorrow.
So those products are basically worthless, as they supposedly can't be invoked by the lenders.
The sun, the planets and the stars supposedly revolved around it once a day.
Wolf packs are supposedly despotic hierarchies dominated by alpha wolves.
Believers tossed goats, geese, and monkeys into the mud to appease the dragon supposedly disturbed by drilling.
There is more than a billion dollars missing from supposedly segregated client accounts.
And then there is the list of conditions apart from celiac disease that supposedly are helped by eliminating gluten from the diet.
She recounts in detail her nervousness around him, her supposedly dangerous fascination with his charm.
There was that moment on election night when she supposedly tried to grab a microphone.
Scallops, supposedly with pink peppercorn, have all the kick of saltines.
As the animals stare at each other and supposedly pitch vibes, the actors speak their thoughts.
Long collected books that supposedly improved moral character.
Supposedly, some ancestry organizations relax their standards to increase membership.
Chess requires brilliant thinking, supposedly the one feat that would be--forever--beyond the reach of any computer.
Its about protecting profit margins protectionism is supposedly about keeping jobs.
All making the supposedly too-cheap-to-meter fusion reactors incredibly expensive.
For those present at the crash, no doubt, the words he supposedly uttered must have sounded even more foolish than they do now.
It's closed supposedly to renovate, but the rumor is that it doesn't have the money.
He's supposedly recovering and is back in the office.
Instead, they supposedly thought they could get better treatment, perhaps even obtain release.
Such paltry power of retrieval in an educated, and supposedly attentive, group is not surprising.
Often a supposed ancestor will turn out to be contemporaneous or even later than the species to which it supposedly gave rise.
Your three points supposedly seal my malfeasances, but none of your charges hold.
Both groups give essentially the same answer to the question of principle that supposedly divides them.
Not only the junk but also the supposedly public places of the modern city have become impenetrable.
Not long after he presents her with ten thousand dollars, supposedly profit from a tip.
Take away your bias against the religion you supposedly follow and see that there are two plausible theories out there.
For millions of years, the ancestors of humans have supposedly not been tree-dwellers.
They could not reject the possibility that the supposedly ancient genes in giant viruses are not ancient at all.
Then again there's studies that supposedly show all brights lights do is give the burglars light to see what they are doing.
It basically trots out a lot of false martyrs who supposedly suffered terribly because they supported intelligent design.
In response to the claim that the wafer story was supposedly destructive.
For now, it seems the art of marketing products that supposedly make us more visually appealing needs no neuroscientific support.
Eighth graders are actually more likely to work out the benefits of switching than older and supposedly wiser university students.
Another species of bird, the scrub jay, has challenged our supposedly unique gift of foresight.
The date on which the item or service was supposedly furnished.

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