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It's supposed to help the bees' general health, and stimulate grooming behavior.
Apparently this is supposed to eliminate a lot of unwanted growth and make it easier to harvest our bounty.
The pungency is supposed to mellow after it sits for a couple days.
He gave such a strange account of himself that he was supposed demented.
Afflicted with some unknown disease, and supposed to have been wounded by an elfin arrow.
The necessity of observing the unities of time and place arises from the supposed necessity of making the drama credible.
He is honoured on this day, which is supposed to be the day on which he died.
It also speaks to the supposed contradiction of the bird singing in the midst of its struggle.
The waitress found the description so unpalatable that she visibly shuddered, but said that she supposed they could do that.
It was supposed to be the cover shot, but events foiled the plan.
And now, he's going viral in a video in which a newscaster caught him sleeping as he was supposed to go on the air.
They think a president is supposed to look a certain way.
The digital age was supposed to put information at our fingertips.
Academe is supposed to be a place where the free exchange of ideas can occur.
As you can see, literally everyone is to blame for this supposed lack of prepared graduates in the workplace.
Rather, the problem is that the student isn't learning what they're supposed to learn in your course.
The desire to read ahead is supposed to signal ambition and achievement.
The idea here is that students would be constantly reminded of the list of skills they are supposed to be acquiring.
Now colleges get all of the scores but are supposed to take into account only the highest ones.
If you know anything about motors, that's not supposed to happen.
They're both relatively high in carbohydrates, something diabetics are supposed to keep to a minimum.
Science, and the tried-and-true scientific method, is supposed to be free of bias.
Vodka's an alcoholic beverage that's supposed to be relatively flavorless.
In some cases you can look at the problems the idea is supposed to address and suggest cheaper solutions.
Not that all is rosy, but the future for the environment is less dire than is supposed.
Our system is supposed to depend on reasonable doubt.
In science you are supposed to compare the exception to the rule, not the other way around.
She had been doing her homework, she said, and each of the scraps contained one of the words she was supposed to learn.
And aerobic exercise, which really gets your heart pumping and your blood flowing, is supposed to be the way to go.
You're supposed to type the words you see into a box.
Most of these measures are supposed to last for one year.
At times, they have been exposed to more radiation in a few hours than they are supposed to endure in a year.
The problem the reform is supposed to fix-a disconnect between police and the public-seems to be getting better.
But it is going too far to say that language is supposed to carry substance.
Prison did what it was supposed to do, and too rarely does: it turned someone from a tax burden into a taxpayer.
Even milk in morning coffee is supposed to be skim-though two scrambled eggs do somehow sneak into this diet.
Food companies have taken to trumpeting the supposed health and nutritional benefits of their products for obvious reasons.
It is supposed to be elementary-an indivisible axiom of the material world.
The index is supposed to give a guide to the direction in which currencies should, in theory, head in the long run.
It was supposed to be up and running four months ago, but has been hobbled by both politics and logistics.
Their music is supposed to be about wanting people to not judge them, yet here they are judging others.
Radiocarbon dating by other scientists revealed that the supposed lover lived three centuries earlier.
We were supposed to get a real scanning machine courtesy of the airport but they failed to deliver on their promise.
The process may be similar to the supposed protective benefits of antioxidants in humans.
For example, our office building has what was supposed to be a lovely pond at its center.
Of course, this is not what tourists are supposed to do at night.
You're supposed to keep a seven-meter exclusion zone so that they don't catch diseases.
Toxic air fresheners rarely do the job they're supposed to do.
Over then next few years the probes are supposed to reach the final edge of the solar system, called the bow shock.
Auctions were supposed to be the new way to buy and sell everything.
These are supposed to be tough times for the defense budget.
Engines aren't supposed to shrink and become more powerful.
All this was supposed to let everyday users manage their everyday activities.
It is supposed that the others were claimed by the sea.
Scientific studies are supposed to be tests of whether or not an unproven hypothesis is true.
It isn't supposed to pay its workers what it thinks they deserve.
Because we're not supposed to be using those terms anymore to describe our desires.
But speaking of the supposed meritocracy: there isn't one.
You're supposed to be able to turn it with one thumb so that you can pour a cup of coffee single-handed.
The reusable booster was supposed to have been larger and more complicated with three times the number of main engines.
It's now an advertising delivery device, which is the opposite of what it's supposed to be.
It is pushed as dogma which is supposed to be taken on faith.
It was supposed to be a year bringing sharp increases in federal funding for physical-sciences research.
The device is technically nuclear but radiation levels are supposed less than that of a cell phone.
My point is that the comments are supposed to be related to the main article, not some fairy tale that you've spun up.
Let me clarify thus, computers were supposed to make our lives easier.
First, the photons can damage the material thy are supposed to be interacting with.
No explanation is given for why cloud computing is inherently less reliable than the technologies it is supposed to replace.
These facilities are supposed to last for decades, after all.
Apparently making fun of me is supposed to make me an instant convert to your religion.
He was persecuted, arrested and demoralized by the selfishness of the people who are supposed to care.
The science behind these supposed brain boosters remains promising but inconclusive.
Went outside of work a few minutes before it was supposed to fly over head.
But that aside, this is nothing compared to what it was supposed to have done.
The supposed function of dark skin in sunny climates is for protection against skin cancer.
The strategy suggested qualities that weren't supposed to occur in the lower orders: foresight, planning, perhaps even tool use.
Naturally, the mad scientist wasn't supposed to be testing on people, which is why by the end of the show he was off to prison.
The program is supposed to be monitoring the animals and how they fare within city limits.
Computer simulations have produced vast web structures of this stuff where real matter is supposed to gravitate at the web nodes.
As worthwhile an effort as it may be it doesn't belong in a bill that is supposed to be stimulating the economy.
But it's unclear how this is supposed to help his case.
Where differences are of degree, difficulty in justifying sharp lines proves less than is often supposed.
Sometimes he shimmers behind scrims, or is set off by weird lighting that the banqueters are not supposed to see.
Its enforcement was supposed to rest on the moral strength of world opinion.
In view of the size of the federal budget, the supposed damage to everyone who pays taxes is simply too trivial to count.
Volcker had done what central bankers are supposed to do.
Then comes what's supposed to be the really poignant, sad part that shows how ugly prejudice can be.
Being deeply unhappy is what you're supposed to feel.
You're continually asking yourself that question, which actors are supposed to do to act as a character in performance.
It hasn't come out yet, but it's supposed to be good.
Bloggers and commenters were left to argue over what it was supposed to mean.
Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently.
They apparently don't know what they're supposed to know.
The subject of this gabfest was supposed to be national security.
But postmodern fiction wasn't supposed to be about sympathetic characters.
There was an understanding among everyone in the room that this was how it was supposed to be.
Then, with the ends of your fingers, push it back to where it is supposed to be.
That's not exactly how capitalism is supposed to work.
It's about the people who are supposed to be monitoring all this and sounding the alarm-the journalists.
Formal religion is supposed to have appeared only after agriculture.
We put all the things that were supposed to be in the film back in their right place.
It's a chilly morning and two old friends are supposed to meet for a game of hoops.

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