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Suppose such an emergency were compounded by enemy-inspired rumors.
Suppose you are down a mine and five people are standing on the track.
For example, suppose you bought a book about cancer.
Suppose that your philosophy was developed by observing and working with an outstanding teacher at your graduate university.
Maybe some of us are more educated than you suppose.
Let us suppose you are the hostess: your position is not necessarily near, but it is toward the door.
Let us suppose that these fables were things without any definite purpose, made only for pleasure.
To illustrate the principle, suppose a farmer to sow a wheat field of entirely unknown extent with ten bushels of wheat.
One might suppose that an exasperated public would sternly castigate these modern sins.
We suppose that every one who talks or writes makes at times his own proverb.
It is a misconception to suppose that the ivory poachers are poor farmers who are forced to poach because of their poverty.
Tell students to suppose that a city was built as a commercial center.
Now, let's suppose someone decides to go to a national park and stops at the store and buys himself a can a mace.
Later on you are suppose to be able to only put one toy and a bunch of forbidden objects and the dog should pick the toy.
And suppose a frog squats within hearing range of the noise.
Suppose that the ball didn't lose any energy when it collided with the ground.
Suppose you were to look all around the universe and count all the different elements.
Suppose they are talking about the momentum principle.
However, suppose you took some hydrogen gas and excited it.
Suppose there were two point charges, both positive but one is held in place.
Now suppose all that conservation was for naught but saving money.
Suppose you're the manager of a venture capital fund.
Suppose there are four columns of vehicles, each of a different color.
Suppose you've taken up the game of squash and want to play at a health club.
Suppose the backups remain as in the warm-up, but the primaries are also flexible.
Suppose science removes the barriers to aging and humans live for thousands of years.
Suppose, for instance, that food stamps carried a surcharge if used for beef.
Suppose that each of the possible universes can be represented by a real number between zero and ten.
Suppose the runner can begin in any grid space in the northernmost row.
Now suppose there are only three advisors and only one of them always tells the truth.
The dark matter conclusion is stronger than some suppose.
Now suppose you take the scale, travel to the moon, and stand on it again.
Let us show how the random generation of laws can produce a logical universe: suppose laws are generated randomly in a sequence.
Suppose, for example, that rewards were used to encourage people to support a certain cause with a minimum donation.
Unfortunately, this apparently straightforward question turns out to be harder to answer than one might suppose.
And if a society's individuals are more productive, you might suppose, the society itself is more productive.
Suppose your objective in charitable giving is to minimise world-wide suffering.
So even if property prices fall, residential construction might slow less than people suppose.
Suppose the share price drops below the strike price.
Economies need oil and it is idle to suppose otherwise.
Suppose your husband dies from a gunshot to the gut and you end up liking your second husband even better.
Suppose you have kept your freedom without enlisting in this army.
Suppose the question is what one should do with money found on the street.
But take the extreme case, and suppose that the extra year brought no gain in productive skills.
Suppose he had at the time, negotiated an increase in the debt limit as well.
Suppose you decide to garnish a cold main dish with tomato.
OK, so let's suppose the national debt is a basketball.
But to suppose that an answer to global warming can be found by waiting is to misunderstand the nature of the problem.
And suppose that every year the losers were tossed out, and the game replayed with those who remained.
Suppose you note a correlation between levels of aggression and levels of testosterone among normal males.
Suppose the difference in captures was one week instead of one day.
For example, suppose something stressful happens to a primate.
We can have even more fun with this: suppose you perform this experiment without telling anyone that you are going to do so.
Now suppose further that their science is not our science but it works nonetheless.
Suppose it has an infinitely long stream of customers.
Suppose that the robot had all of the virtues of people and was smarter and understood things better.
But suppose you want to equate the rat's learned behavior with a human's experience of acquired fear.
Here's an example: suppose you have a long, tortuous expression in which there are a frighteningly large number of variables.
There is every reason to suppose that new complex applications can inherit lots of stuff that were created for older ones.
Smart grids are suppose to allow utilities to regulate their consumers demand by turning off pieces of equipment.
Suppose there are blizzards that have everyone in a state running heaters and pulling peak load for a fortnight.
Suppose commercial space flight gets up and running.
But suppose you were to measure the position of a ball.
Let us suppose that you are correct for a moment, and that consciousness is not a mechanistic process.
Five percent: the number is more evil than many suppose.
We unreflectively suppose that truth no less than beauty is conveyed more effectively thereby.
My own view is that it is reasonable to suppose all vertebrate animals to be capable of feeling pain.
And it is difficult to find good reasons to suppose that these parts will, or may, be reinstated at sometime in the future.
By contrast, suppose you and your neighbor have bet on whether today's peak temperature would exceed fifty degrees.
Suppose that you hired a highly regarded architect to design a fancy house.
Suppose that you scrub the bathtub until it sparkles, but don't do any of the repairs or wash the windows.
Now, suppose a streamlined bridge is considered instead of the six-girder bridge.
Suppose you live in a house owned by your sister who allows you to live there rent-free.
Suppose that in a trial one of the parties is trying to prove that it was raining on a certain morning.
Suppose the severe storms, flooding or tornados injured someone and they received no damage to either the home or business.
Or suppose that the faulting completely separated adjacent sides of the confining unit over the salt-water reservoir.
Now suppose a second developer wants to extend this software.
Suppose that you want to know how many years it will take to recover the cost of installing additional insulation in your attic.
Let us suppose you have a solution that is saturated, but you do not pour any more salt into it and set it aside to evaporate.

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