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Example sentences for supportive

The administration's thinking reflects the success of earlier supportive housing efforts.
The closer you get to comps, the more you will appreciate a strong, supportive study group.
But over time my parents realized they couldn't talk me out of it, and then they were really supportive.
It's even more critical to be warm and supportive when your loved one gets good news.
The provincial and federal governments are unsurprisingly supportive.
Ramanujan's home environment was in no way supportive of his abilities.
Hikers usually have to choose between boots that are lightweight and boots that are protective and supportive.
Of course there is a placebo effect and there is the effect of a kindly supportive physician as well.
In addition, it seems to be important for many successful businesswomen to have had a supportive father.
There seems to be a lot of supportive evidence that suggests that all planetary rotational speeds are first on the extreme scale.
Inside, the seats are supportive and comfortable but awfully close together.
The more confident the public is that the process will be orderly, the more likely will capital markets be supportive of recovery.
Monitors were instructed to soothe patients via supportive talk or touch if they experienced any anxiety.
The interior is spacious, with firm, supportive seats and a steering wheel that feels great in your hands.
She is remembered as a loyal and supportive colleague and was loved and respected by her students.
Secular civil society was more receptacle and supportive for religious minorities not creating any problems for them.
To be good at what's happening in the game, you have to be communicative and supportive at what's happening outside the game.
Also, both my folks have been tremendously supportive of my decision to have a career in the arts.
She was supportive and generous with her knowledge--she loved what she did and she loved all who knew her.
The original article cites facts which are supportive of the aforementioned hypothesis.
If a co-worker is showing signs of problems, be supportive along the road to help, experts say.
Start with a goal supported with supportive objectives.
Anyways, highly disappointed in the article, but highly supportive of your stance.
His generous soul and supportive spirit will be missed by all of those who were fortunate enough to have had him in their lives.
It is important to have a supportive relationship with a health care provider.
Some were congratulatory and supportive, even grateful.
Our company uses green cleaning heavily and is always supportive of environmentally friendly solutions.
But that requires a socially supportive culture rather than one where each individual must fend for themselves.
They have not been happy about, or supportive of, previous efforts to preserve the porpoise.
They were publicly supportive, but they were insidiously, privately not supportive.
We're supportive of the president, but we're getting tired y'all.
What has not been tried is truly civilian rule backed by a wholly supportive army.
Patients often ignore doctors' lectures, but are more inclined to listen to supportive friends and family.
Indeed, the tire industry as a whole isn't even supportive of the measure.
For one thing, the police appear to be quietly supportive of the protesters.
It's a supportive boot design that enhances energy transmission for superb performance.
But he said an improved permitting process is needed, as well as federal policies more supportive of renewable energy.
Highly recommended if you want a lightweight, supportive, and comfortable slip on shoe.
Studies have reported that it achieves longer survival times than supportive care alone.
When a nerve is severed, both the axon and its supportive myelin sheath are damaged.
Viruses that mimic supportive nerve tissue may someday help regenerate injured spinal cords.
When the body grows new tissue, cells secrete fibronectin--a strong, stretchy type of protein that acts as a supportive scaffold.
Finally, supportive cells are added, filling in around the liver cells.
His research spans engineering applications and the supportive fundamental science.
We do that with relevant programs, a supportive environment and a dedicated, experienced faculty and staff.
We strive to build and sustain a welcoming and supportive campus environment.
For some students, families are supportive but not directly involved.
The burnish of private money also helped make the college more of a supportive community.
There aren't that many filmmakers here and the organizations are extremely supportive.
Fortunately for speakers, the audience is supportive.
In doing so, they have created a vibrant, mutually supportive community centered on food.
The comments poured in-both supportive and, let's say, otherwise.
It is not yet clear which type of group will dominate, but those owned by physicians would probably be more supportive of reform.
The shoe's upper wrapped snugly around my feet, but was stretchy enough to feel supportive rather than restrictive.
The seats are supportive, and there's plenty of leg and headroom for all but the tallest people.
They're comfortable and supportive, and you could make a long road trip in this car.
Until now, no treatments other than intensive supportive care have been available.
The evidence in animals follows the same equivocal yet supportive trend.
The public will be a lot more supportive if they see a credible industry working away and generating good things for society.
But yes, going fully flat-footed can have a lot of supportive benefits too.
It appears to be a supportive structure, connecting different bits of the skull.
The tissue around them doesn't provide a supportive environment.
It does get better, as you grow up and figure yourself out and find supportive communities.
All doctors can offer is what they call supportive care: treating symptoms, putting the patient on a respirator.
More generally, findings have to be considered in the broader context of other, directly supportive work.
The tough guys got bigger, or the nicer guys always got laid, or the females formed a supportive social structure.
First, federal agencies must be totally supportive of the president's budget.
Objective tests can be brutal in that way for those who have coasted through on grade inflation and overly supportive professors.
They look for an anchor, something that doesn't ever change, that is constant and supportive.
The more supportive of a specific movement one is, the more likely to be dogmatic about it.
We can also societal structures that create a sense of community that is supportive and does not crush individual differences.
Nevertheless, evolutionists can cite further supportive evidence from molecular biology.
They are supportive in times of trouble, happy for you in times of achievement, and good to spend an evening or day with.
Oh my goodness, the reviews have been so supportive and excited.
Not every doctor is as supportive in this era of tightly managed care.
He suggests curbing emotional eating, surrounding yourself with a supportive circle of friends and family, and exercising.
Here are the local companies that workers credited with having dynamic, supportive and inclusive cultures.

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