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Example sentences for supporter

Fletcher was a stanch supporter of the colonial aristocracy, and bitterly opposed to the popular party.
He became a supporter and now does not hesitate to show his support for their cause.
The pharmaceutical industry was playing a major role as a key supporter of health care.
The government has long been a supporter of desalination as a method of dealing with water scarcity.
Many people were not home, in which case he would write a personal note on a supporter card and stuff it into the closed door.
She was a supporter of nature and and environment as a whole.
Of course, no supporter of capital punishment explains it in this way.
Even if he is a member or supporter, he is not their designated representative.
She has been a consistent supporter of wage and business tax reductions while remaining firmly committed to public services.
He was a firm supporter of backing money with gold, but not a strong supporter of a high tariff.
Bob is an avid supporter of increasing funding for research of diseases such as diabetes, autism and cancer.

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