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The result is a normal-height countertop that's easily supported by standard cabinets.
With this wall cabinet, the door is supported in any position you leave it in.
Patriotism must be founded on great principles and supported by great virtue.
Hotels continue to operate and are supported with private-security militias.
Industry groups have sued thousands of users of such software, and have supported legislation to criminalise it.
For years it was organised by small co-operatives, often supported by local government.
Since then, a series of experiments in laboratories have supported the contention.
Most supported the rebels and the independent state for which they battled.
Both ideas are supported by research published this week that has made use of brain scanning.
Silver not only offers investors diversity but it is also supported by real industrial demand.
The evidence, as it turned out, strongly supported that guess.
Instead, it has quietly supported research on adult stem cells, a far less controversial field.
Hopefully, more songs will be supported in the future.
She recently got her federal permit to start a community-supported winery.
None of the proposed cases is especially well supported.
In their heyday, short comedies and cartoons could outgross the feature attractions they supported.
All the things science tells us are supported by facts and results.
In this new position, our innards were not as well supported as they had been in our quadrupedal ancestors.
The tall neural spines which supported a thickened end section to the tail, might also have evolved to confuse predators.
Though a handful of wildlife biologists supported him, others dismissed the idea.
Blackened dirt and ashen remains of the wooden posts that supported the structure are as vivid as a campfire put out yesterday.
And he felt a great sense of duty to the backers who supported this extraordinary episode of growth.
The decision was generally supported by financial-aid advocates, who said the money could be better spent on needier borrowers.
It is important to help students understand that a science-based film is supported by scientific thinking and science content.
Some previous genetic studies have also supported the concept.
For centuries the region supported savannahs full of wildlife, lush acacia forests, and areas so swampy they were uninhabitable.
Instead, their bodies are supported by cartilage-the same material that you feel inside the tip of your nose.
The theory may be supported by new ideas about a hidden room high in the pyramid's outer wall.
The stalk is supported by pressure created by their pump, according to the scientists.
Next, ask students to recall examples of fossil evidence that supported some of these interactions.
Empirically supported therapies seek to bring the power of research-proven techniques to the therapist's office.
Last year the publication of two studies that supported opposite conclusions fueled debate over the map's origins.
All these experimental devices travel about on bases supported by three or four wheels.
There are two well-supported and complementary explanations for why birds fly in formation.
It's really interesting the kind of loosely supported unsubstantiated conclusions that can be established by astronomers.
EU legislators have enthusiastically supported taxing airline emissions, approving the law last year.
Many people expect that midlife brings forth inevitable crisis, but that idea is not supported by social science.
YOur offhand comment re today's capitalists not being reasonably is not supported by the evidence.
The more fish in an ecosystem, the more grizzly bears that can be supported.
Paradoxically, the current high price may be supported in part by a belief that the old equity premium still obtains.
So far, in other words, the world has more or less supported us.
Studies of personality traits may offer clues about why the rescue was so widely supported.
He is critical of church groups that have supported civil-rights workers.
Tells about other causes supported by the foundation, including libraries and education.
It's even possible that a few papers will be able to earn enough money online to make the traditional ad-supported strategy work.
Despite the research he had cited, he said he broadly supported the notion of a market economy based around economic growth.
In many ways, though, the experiment supported the opposite view.
Then you spend the rest of the article arguing the benefits of this particular plan that is supported by the governor.
Traditional media supported themselves for decades by acting as brokers between advertisers and audiences.
These adjustments will take increased life expectancy into account, since beneficiaries will need to be supported longer.
US troops were supported by unprecedented technology deployment.
Innovation is supported by finance and underwriting, especially in technology and life science sectors.
Online crowd-funding, supported by social technologies, provides a new business model for book publishing.
Pipes, a highly praised tool that makes it easy to create mashups, is still being actively supported.
If you see something illogical or not supported experimentally, you're expected to explain your stance.
But the fact is it's a song from a television show and it was never supported by radio.
Eventually, he called the fight a draw, although the company clearly supported the tenacity of the underdog.
We may find out soon, as free, ad-supported applications gain momentum.
Commercial banking would implicitly be supported in its wide range of relations with businesses and other customers.
The thrust of government activity, if it is to be anywhere, is in the nature of the research supported.
Outstanding members of a peaceful opposition movement supported an ill-considered war.
He hasn't proven panpsychism, but it is a hypothesis he thinks is well supported.
It is fair to say that even those who supported a military takeover then would not condone one now.
Every policy recommendation will be supported and, so far as possible, clinched by the testimony of a panel of experts.

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