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Policymakers need to figure out how to supply water without degrading the natural ecosystems that provide it.
In this way, the world's endless supply of problems becomes a valuable resource.
The heart of the system is a cleaning table complete with sink and cold-water supply.
Two electrical receptacles, located on the cooking side of the counter, supply power for small appliances or a rotisserie.
They're readily available from garden supply stores and mail-order catalogs, and free when you buy seedlings at nurseries.
Elevated feeding and watering stations keep birds from fouling the water supply with feathers, feather dander, and droppings.
Ensuring a supply of laying chickens for the coming years.
There's an abundant supply of salt, which lawmakers often took grains of, and pans that once held flashes.
There was a six-month supply of food and water-but not a soul to consume it.
First, there was an ample supply of water from the lake and nearby alpine streams to the north.
If there is a political subtext to these paintings, the viewer has to supply it.
It may be that females need to control the limited supply to meet the nutritional demands of pregnancy and lactation.
The dental branches supply the molar and premolar teeth.
They open into the spaces, and from them are also given off small capillary branches to supply the trabecular structure.
Each divides into a pair of plantar digital arteries which supply the adjacent sides of the toes.
They supply the muscular coat, ramify in the submucous coat, and are finally distributed to the mucous membrane.
The ship charter market is one of the few areas of economic activity truly governed by supply and demand.
Amid global food shortages, the region is choosing between growing more crops or preserving a scant supply of water.
Instead, the report's centerpiece is an odd extrapolation of the supply-and-demand theory to college education.
Demand is currently in the neighborhood of doubt the supply each year, or some such.
Without a consistent supply of students, they struggle.
Because of the clever structuring of the financial instruments, the supply of lending capital was nearly limitless.
The only number she forgot to supply was the impact ranking of each journal to which she had submitted an article.
The main problem in journalism today lies on the supply side, not the demand side.
Again, demand for those jobs far exceeds the supply.
For one thing, the favorable ratio of demand to supply guarantees a ceaseless flow of students.
Second, it wastes time and money- both of which are in short supply.
Minority status isn't conclusive evidence against the correctness of one's views, but it might serve to supply a little humility.
But some portion of the supply of those items are bought and sold by traders.
The supply of land is fixed, and if there's a fixed supply of something but a growing demand, appreciation should be automatic.
Meanwhile, supply is likely to decline further through austerity.
All a domestic real estate market can really do is supply demand for houses as population increases and old homes need replacing.
As with anything else, where supply greatly exceeds demand, prices drop.
They infuse the walls, and maybe the local water supply, with toxic chemicals.
They supply the stuff of thought, but they also shape the process of thought.
It is obvious that the two latter are dealt with fairly, for what the law demands the shipowner must supply or go to prison.
What the traveling public requires he must also supply, or go out of business.
Yet, not for the last time in the history of such crises, demand produced supply.
Indeed, if there is going to be an imbalance in commercial property now, it is more likely to involve a scarcity of supply.
But it can also occur because of supply-side factors.
Yet the ever-increasing supply of content tailored to every taste seems not to have dented the appeal of the blockbuster.
And this trend is due, he says, to the exhaustion of the supply of low-hanging economic fruit.
Over the long run economic growth depends on two things: increases in the supply and productivity of labour.
Nature has decreed that the supply of water is fixed.
For some economists it will also suggest a slump in supply-ie, in the underlying capacity of the economy.
So far prices have not been pushed up by actual disruptions to supply.
The confusion is whether the index is saying more about the supply of ships than the demand for their cargoes.
Despite a few years of rising raw-materials prices, many traders remain bullish in part because of further bad news about supply.
The second reason to worry about stagnation has to do with slowing supply.
By shrinking the supply of shares in the market, the buy-back splurge played its own part in prolonging the bull market.
The first is that labour supply has proved more expandable than anyone expected.
Increased supply and decreased consumption have radically altered the outlook for imports.
Whereas the natural tendency was for populations to grow without end, food supply would run up against the limit of finite land.
Prices can rise in response to increases in demand, decreases in supply, or inflation.
Prices, remember, are determined by the interaction of supply and demand.
Companies are changing their buying policies in response, and paying more attention to the distant reaches of their supply chains.
And long, complex supply chains turn out to be riskier than many firms realised.
As a commodity, drinking water is increasingly in short supply.
Demand aside, there have also been important developments on the supply side.
Nowadays each link in the supply chain depends on all the others.
Increasing the supply of oil or wheat reduces its price and raises the standard of living.
And reserves of phosphorus are even less evenly distributed than oil's, raising additional supply concerns.
Whenever there is a discussion about nuclear power, the question arises about the sustainability of the uranium supply.
New approaches are needed to protect the food supply.
Fracking has unlocked decades of natural gas supply, but environmentalists say it contaminates water supplies.
Without a good blood supply you will not get the osteoblast cells.
The constant activity of nerve cells in the brain requires an ongoing supply of chemical energy.
Now new research seems to show that bovine growth hormone in the food supply may be responsible.
Their habitat and food supply are shifting as a result of warmer waters and shrinking sea ice.
The presence of transgenic fish also increases the likelihood of population collapse when food is in short supply.
They supply a collection kit that comes with nine vials pre-loaded with cookie crumbs.
Evaporation vastly outpaces any rainfall, snowmelt or groundwater supply, reducing water volume and raising salinity.
The blood rushes to active areas to supply firing neurons with the oxygen and glucose they need for energy.
If you want to live in a nation that is prospering, make sure that its available energy supply is abundant.
Extending the life of nuclear reactors requires that there would be enough uranium to supply them for that extended period.
When demand is high and supply low, relative worth heads north.
It was a place for tech hobbyists to gather and share tips on supply sources and exchange programming information.
It can also be powered using a hand-cranked power supply.
As the gold supply began to dwindle, new methods evolved for recovery.
Bulky power supply limits already questionable mobility.
But even though it was in short supply, it's not strictly vaporware.
Apartment dwellers don't need to research supply companies for dry ice.
The irony is that the dangerous dwindling of diversity in our food supply is the unanticipated result of an agricultural triumph.
And while demand for energy grows, the supply of fossil fuel will not.
The report focused on poor urban areas, where farms in or near cities supply relatively inexpensive food.
Or picture a koala losing half its food supply to a parking lot.
Money itself is now, for many, in distressingly short supply.
Exploring the promise and challenge of a new energy supply.
For one, floating slicks of oil may be killing the pancake batfishes' plankton food supply.
Desalination inevitably leaves behind a concentrated brine, which can harm the environment and even the water supply itself.
Supply ships bring meals to the station only once a month.
As even that ghastly supply dwindles, three survivors embark on a make-or-break journey to find help.
Corruption and illegal logging happen because demand outweighs the legally available supply of timber products.
And when supply falls while demand rises, prices rise quickly.
Large supply, limited demand dim fiber-optic future.
In the middle of the last decade, natural gas looked to be in short supply.
Further forays to the local stores furnished him with a supply of candles, flashlights, and batteries.
It is flanked by other colonial houses, several of which have been turned into party-supply shops specializing in gaudy piƱatas.
The bailout fund would supply the equity tier, which would be first in line for any losses.
The next sentence discussed electricity, water supply, and sewers.
It is an engine of growth in the underworld of the city's informal economy, a vast sector with an astonishing volume of supply.
The right people were photographed carrying it, supply was limited, and different colors were sent to different territories.
While the cultivation and supply of opium increased beyond knowing, the smoking of opium vanished.
He had apparently followed her into a supply closet and declared his feelings.
But then once this policy is successful, you have to rein in the money supply as fast as you can.
It cannot be done by controlling only the money supply.
The system has had advantages for the supply companies.
For it would demand the kind of political creativity, boldness, and skill that have been disastrously in short supply.
Self-contained power plants could supply growing energy demand in poor countries.
Leontief's answer was to develop an iterative method of valuing each sector based on the importance of the sectors that supply it.
Future touch screens may need to supply tactile feedback.
Absolutely no way the meagre amount of leftover cooking oil will ever supply more than a fraction of a percent of fuel demand.
We care about every worker in our worldwide supply chain.
The world won't run short of petroleum in the next few decades, but there's a limited supply of easy-to-reach oil.
Ethanol offers a renewable supply of auto fuel, and it can also reduce pollution.
The best treatment for cornea damage remains a transplant, but donor corneas are in chronically short supply.
Engineered cardiac tissue needs a steady supply of oxygen and nutrients to survive after being grafted onto the heart.
They could also help gather and instantaneously supply evidence regarding environmental crimes done through shipping.
Although the surgery has a high success rate, the supply of donor tissue is limited, and wait lists can be long.
Individuals will pay anything for a now indefinitely attenuated supply.
After hummingbirds drink nectar from real flowers, it takes time for the flowers to replenish their supply.
Conventional rockets in space must carry their own oxygen supply, usually in liquid form, to burn their fuel.
The ovaries are loosely tethered to the spine by their elongated blood supply, and ligaments connect them to the uterus.
When the loggers go into the forest, they need to eat, and then the hunters go and supply them with meat.
But the economics of cacao is rapidly changing because of a diminishing supply of beans.
It can't be lack of air-there's an endless supply-so it must be lack of water.
As a major energy source, the battery is limited by supply of and access to freshwater.
We have to get rid of excess supply of units and get rid of foreclosures, and home equity has to start building.
We think the apartment supply will be adequate, and there's a lot of supply in the pipeline right now.
But the demand for decent, low-cost places far exceeds the supply.
My ex did not elaborate or supply him with any details.
He's been the crooked detective, paranoid, high on his own supply.
The neighborhood has an ample supply of vintage apartment buildings.
For an economy to grow, the money supply growth must exceed population growth, inflation and the current account deficit.
My medical providers had highly urged it but didn't have the vaccine and could not say when they would receive their supply.
If patients have a supply of hair in the wreath, then they can get whatever they want.
The calendar in his office is a year old and his pen and paper supply ran out weeks back.

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