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Example sentences for supplemental

Ranchers have spent substantial money on hay and supplemental feed, the cost of trucking in additional hay.
The nine policies will soon replace the bewildering jumble of supplemental policies now offered in the private market.
As supplemental instruction, this initiative has considerable value.
They climbed without the aid of supplemental oxygen or porters.
Fragmented rice kernels, with the bran removed, used as supplemental starch in beer-making.
People undergoing hemodialysis who receive supplemental erythropoietin therapy.
Deferred compensation and supplemental tax-sheltered annuity programs also available.
Supplemental programs and activities enrich each visit and vary with the exhibitions on view.
After that, they should be established and will need little supplemental water.
Hypoxia affects aviators when they fly too high without a supplemental oxygen supply.
Supplemental materials may be requested at a later date.
The supplemental contains a host of charges which normally were part of what a county should provide anyway.
Despite intensive management and supplemental feeding, the population languished.
One of them acts as an supplemental upgrader, enhancing all nearby towers automatically.
Eating algae as a supplemental food is more sustainable over the long run and has a lot of other benefits as well.
At the end of the day, they're brought back to the center for supplemental food and water.
But in irrigated gardens, with supplemental water once a week during the dry season, it remains green all year long.
The stock market offers more usable supplemental data, and is far more centralized than the music scene.
But if you can live frugally or have a little supplemental income, you can find a pleasing balance between work and life.
The supplemental food, bananas and milk, is intentionally bland to keep the apes from becoming dependent.
Supplemental water, fertilizer will speed growth of garden plants.
There should be some redistribution among local communities but banning supplemental spending is bad policy.
Accompanying lesson plans include historical background, supplemental activities, and alignment with national standards.
In coastal areas, old vines need little to no supplemental water.
Transitional work and supplemental working schemes can be implemented to ease or reinforce savings.
Can take supplemental irrigation but doesn't need any.
And, if you want something your provider won't give you, you have to pay for it out of pocket or buy supplemental insurance.
In many regions, plants don't need any supplemental water in winter.
Established plants survive with no supplemental moisture but need deep watering for top-quality nuts.
They had pumped milk or supplemental formula at other times while at day care.
We're offering a new program this year, and this will be a supplemental text.
My students read several short supplemental readings over the course of the semester and write a brief response to them.
Be aware that some train lines require payment of a supplemental fee.
Brands would even be considered for inclusion in a program meant for supplemental nutrition.
And they did it without inviting re-argument or supplemental briefing from the parties to the case it was considering.
The company's mirror arrays and boilers will produce supplemental steam to boost the coal plant's electricity production.
As they grow, the monitoring continues via twice-annual checkups and the occasional supplemental feeding session.
We have two wars that were always done on a supplemental, not paid for.
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