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Supplement existing plants, such as the azaleas and ferns pictured above, with an edging of white cyclamen.
Some nutrition labels note whether a nondairy milk's calcium supplement is equal to the calcium in cow's milk.
If only scavenging, it makes sense herbivores can supplement their protein this way.
We planted a garden and fruit trees to supplement our diet.
For this reason multimedia can be a terrifically useful teaching supplement.
All supplement use was self-reported by the subjects.
The form of a dietary supplement purchased in a drug store or health food store is likely not the same form used in research.
If possible, supplement the quahog broth with fresh or bottled clam broth rather than stock or water.
They were eating seed that was still older to supplement their rations.
Occasionally a poet might supplement his or her income by giving a reading or lecture, but these occasions were rare.
She also plans to supplement the books with substantial new content and other enhancements bound to attract an enormous audience.
The social wage can likewise be either a supplement to incomes or a subsidy for goods.
The world of affairs has yet to be attempted, and the schooling of action must supplement the schooling of the written page.
Currently, carnitine is sold as a supplement in pill, powder and syrup form.
Architectural codes should be viewed as a supplement to an urban code.
Instead of using his entire body to supplement his arm strength, he seemed to pit his arm against the rest of his body.
The compound needs to be concentrated in supplement form to show any real effects, but researchers are hopeful.
Of course online learning is a beneficial supplement to face-to-face instruction.
Supplement your situation to our directory for free.
They are not a comic supplement but are right there among all the intelligent serious article.
The two conventional farming methods differed in whether or not farmyard manure was used to supplement chemical fertilizer.
So if you are getting some sun, maybe you don't need to supplement as much.
For those with low metabolisms, this may prove to be a beneficial hormonal supplement.
One bold solution: a proposal to supplement private vaccine production with a federal initiative.
If one accidentally gets shot down your gullet, they're non-toxic, but not recommended as a supplement to your daily diet.
Distribute a copy of the map supplement to each student.
Explore weapons fighters use to supplement their technique.
Students can supplement their reports with maps showing the natural ranges of the species they have studied.
The government doesn't require him to work, though he might take a job to supplement his yearly stipend of rice.
Many ranchers supplement their incomes by serving as outfitters or guides, packing hunters into the backcountry.
Carnivorous plants evolved in part because flora growing in nutrient-poor environments needed a way to supplement their diets.
They will occasionally supplement their diet with leaves and insects.
Some species supplement their diet with fruits, nuts, and seeds.
Some gardeners supplement dry store-bought fertilizers with home-produced plant foods.
They supplement their diets with the meat of animals such as fish and small mammals, when it's available.
The digit is also useful for scooping the flesh out of coconuts and other fruits that supplement the animal's insect diet.
Thus the temptation is strong to supplement these few autobiographies by writing biographies of rustic or peasant characters.
The student presenters would not be covering the primary material for that day, only offering a supplement.
Find out who is doing those things, and consider what a potential career-services provider might do to supplement them.
Supplement benefits for academic parents with additional money provided by federal agencies or universities.
Often a university has an additional administrative supplement.
In the longer term, migrants will be essential to supplement shrinking native workforces.
Ranch managers will exact further efficiencies and supplement their income with hunters and bird-watchers.
Its effort to supplement them with mobile devices has failed.
In fact, the court was the only place where the envoys could supplement their diets or their salaries.
The first drug targeting telomeres, now sold as a nutritional supplement, will soon face the harsh light of peer review.
The mealybug uses its two partners to supplement its monotonous diet of plant sap.
The boxes can grow small herbs or other plants that can supplement astronauts food supply.
Chimps are mostly vegetarian but they will occasionally supplement their diet by hunting other animals, especially monkeys.
All in all this should be a good supplement to current importing.
Time to get to work to supplement the loss of proper education these kids are going to get.
Visit the paper's data supplement for a video interview with the researchers.
Patients have to supplement the device by taking anticoagulant medications that prevent blood clots.
But what you they need to turn this into a bodybuilding supplement.
Essentially all informed skeptics accept that anthropogenic influences are many, varied, and supplement natural variations.
It used to be that parents always got slammed with single-supplement surcharges if they weren't traveling with a partner.
It's a popular health supplement, but studies on the benefits of fish oil have been conflicting.
Posters of candidates featured their number on the ballot, which is as thick as a weekend supplement in a major newspaper.
The funds' stated strategy was to buy large cap stocks and supplement those investments with related stock-option strategies.

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