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His supple intellect, burgeoning political ambitions, and organizing prowess have garnered far less attention.
My ankles also felt stronger from maintaining my balance on the supple jumping surface.
The tough outer shell is soft and supple for unrestricted movement and a natural feel.
Ever supple, the drugs business has sought new premises.
But a supple and flexible civilian-military chain of command is an immensely useful tool.
To build a driving simulator of this complexity, the engine gets tossed out and replaced by a supple, sophisticated computer.
Because of their size, they will not be able to supple their country with normal sources for long.
But the unconscious mind gives us other, more supple ways.
The flutes answer with a supple ascending line, requesting that the horns be more specific.
It makes you feel round and supple, and to have a little life inside you is amazing.
It is not a matter of red cheeks, red lips and supple knees.
He fancied himself an athlete of possibilities and a supple dancer.
He then became supple in action and large in motive, whatever he thought of his colleagues.
The leather felt soft and supple, the color gleamed bright and exotic.
In general, stretching is good to help us be more supple.
Her hormone levels shift during menopause, her bones weaken and her skin becomes less supple.
It is not as supple as a new one, may even be brittle in places, and it is certainly more prone to snap.
The dough should be supple enough to hold its shape, but not be pasty.
These supple- mental materials are designed to keep your regulations up to date.

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