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But you still use those highways and road projects, so other program budgets are negatively effected to supplant your lost fees.
No method currently under study is robust enough yet to supplant mammography.
Alternative energy can not, at this date, supplant dinosaur energy.
Social media attempts to supplant that feeling, but so many cues are lost across the wires.
The instruction aimed, as already pointed out, not to supplant but to supplement apprenticeship.
Listen, all the theologies and ideologies that were going to supplant ours are gone.
University administrators that try to supplant courts are little more than vigilantes in suits.
He seems, indeed, to have regarded it as the capital instance of the poetry he wished to supplant.
The good bugs might supplant the bad, and our existing drugs might once more be able to shoulder the load.
Progressive supplant supply and demand with command and control economic policy.
If you eliminate this protection, you must probably supplant a bunch of agri-chemicals for artificial protection.
It takes a long time to completely supplant long-standing cultural artifacts.
No it won't supplant oil imports but it will gives us options, and options are always good.
Some of the commentators making the same mistake now were not long ago arguing that the euro would soon supplant the dollar.
The extent to which unmanned aircraft could or should supplant piloted ones will be debated for decades.
Fearing that some of his officers might want to supplant him, he had them killed, along with their families.
When politicians seek to deaden that pain and supplant those lessons with hasty fixes of their own, they almost always blunder.
The desire to transform the authentication process through science-to supplant a subjective eye with objective tools-was not new.
The new structure would supplant two empty courtyards, some abandoned stairwells, and a series of unused offices.

Famous quotes containing the word supplant

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