supersymmetry in a sentence

Example sentences for supersymmetry

These would be evidence for an as yet hypothetical view of the world called supersymmetry.
Most important, string theory seems to require our world to have a property called supersymmetry.
Unbroken target space supersymmetry means existence of a constant spinor.
These were at the time studied almost exclusively in the context of supersymmetry.
Yet what ties the apparent dichotomy between internal and external symmetries is supersymmetry.
Contrast this to supersymmetry, which get increasingly disfavored by experiments as time goes by.
The discovery of supersymmetry would provide crucial evidence of a possible connection.
The detector will also be used for studies of top quark decays and supersymmetry searches.
Our theorists work on a wide range of subjects from quantum chromodynamics to supersymmetry and neutrino physics.
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