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As a fail-safe, he added straight, diagonal cables to stiffen the superstructure.
The wind battered the thick windows and ripped past the superstructure with a buffeted keening.
The building makes use of the weathering cliffs for its superstructure.
The second drawing is of the mud brick superstructure surrounding the clay bricks.
Eleven thousand three hundred tons of superstructure steel are waiting.
By the nineteen-eighties, a huge superstructure had resulted from the government's war on cancer.
These early papers are a little flaccid in the empirical details when set next to the theoretical superstructure.
Now it falls to the crew to go out and de-ice the superstructure, but of course this is happening when the weather is awful.
Write down the big ideas that form the superstructure of the piece.
But critics err in arguing that a deterrence strategy does not provide a suitable superstructure for such policies.
In this he laid the foundation in psychology for the utilitarian superstructure.
But the merit of the superstructure bears no proportion to that of the foundation.
Not a flaw in the superstructure which they are rearing escapes their vigilance.
When a sufficient number of rafts had been built, work started on the pyramid's superstructure.
For that, you need the baroque superstructure of mortgage-backed derivatives that enabled investors to bet on the housing market.
The problem is the wooden superstructure, the white wedding-cake of decks above the boat's mighty hull.
One caution: when flimsy narrative superstructure begins to sag, anarchic wackiness can grow wearing.
The bridge superstructure consists of that portion of the bridge above the bearings.
Built-in-place substructures are constructed within tolerances to allow placement of the superstructure with adequate clearance.

Famous quotes containing the word superstructure

POLITICIAN, n. An eel in the fundamental mud upon which the superstructure of organized society is reared. ... more
Foundations of Morality: are like all other foundations; if you dig too much about them the superstructure ... more
The psychiatrist knows only too well how each of us becomes the helpless but not pitiable victim of his own sentiments. ... more
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