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Example sentences for superstar

The white-footed mouse isn't much to look at, but a new study suggests it may be a superstar when it comes to evolution.
He ordered the tests under a fake name, lest the genomics superstar get special treatment.
Nothing about her operation suggested a winemaking superstar.
It's harder to find another job unless you're a superstar.
Of course, if you're some kind of superstar, all bets are off.
And there's the occasional superstar who can't connect with students.
Perhaps a kindly uncle remembered you in his will, or you are rapidly becoming an academic superstar.
It's probably a con- cession to his superstar status: he can't play a villain anymore, he wants to be a lovable giant.
But plenty of executives are getting superstar pay for journeyman work.
Not having swung a bat in years, he was suddenly anything but the superstar adventurer.
Then one brother hits it big and becomes a superstar.
The book was an account of a superstar athlete's last season.
HP has appointed yet another superstar boss from outside.
The board's unreasoning faith in the ability of a superstar leads them to offer huge rewards.
But the reason why he was a superstar is that it was not only philosophers who read him.
His superstar status, as much as his ideas, have made him enemies.
IT has expanded the market for such skills to a global scale, so the premium for superstar talent has increased.
We will see an end to the superstar-or-starveling world of creative people.
The event was the beginning of his rise to the status of superstar.
The frequently controversial and always amazing soccer superstar has performed as both a player and now a coach.
Here are snippets from her revealing article, illustrated with photographs from the troubled superstar's career.
He'd made such a huge reputation as a superstar, but he faced his fear and he faced up to the challenge.
Unfortunately in our culture a different standard is applied to a superstar.
The superstar and the hitchhiker were immediately attracted to each other.
We live in an age of the defense attorney as superstar.
Lily goes from being an agoraphobic to an aquatic superstar.
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