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But the technology also opens the door for nastiness, especially during this season of supersonic emotions.
Then, drawing arrows and squiggles, he shot into supersonic lecture mode.
That's because, even at rest, the supersonic reconnaissance plane is so flat-out intimidating.
Next comes the blast, as the superheated air expands outward, initially at supersonic speeds.
The supersonic transport, soon to be upon us, will allow for no gam- bling more leisurely than cutting the deck.
It was as though they were sharing the stage with a set of supersonic lungs.
Watching supersonic jets perform stunts in tight formation can be thrilling, but is hardly the same as being there.
The scale by which supersonic speeds are measured is named for him.
Flight engineers define three categories of speed: subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic.
The dream of commercial supersonic flight has remained elusive.
The airline blamed the downturn for falling demand among rich businessmen for expensive and uncomfortable supersonic flights.
Nowhere is a proper military case made for the expensive supersonic fighter.
Supersonic missiles that can sink warships and lasers to keep those warships afloat.
But turbojet and ramjet engines, which meet more demanding supersonic flight requirements, are less fuel-efficient.
Collapse of a supersonic expansion of air is my answer.
The fact that in several key areas-fusion energy, supersonic transport, space colonization-applied science is regressing.
Imagine an electromagnetic fluid vortex spinning at supersonic velocity.
It's basically a supersonic boom, as the shock wave forms a cone behind the speeding bullet.
They used to say that supersonic travel was impossible, too.
The heating causes rapid expansion of the air at supersonic speed, which creates a shock wave that is heard as thunder.
Apparently there were no earthquakes reported, and there were no military planes going supersonic.
It's because of something that moves much faster even than supersonic debris: light.
One suggestion was that it's due to the shock wave as the supersonic missile blew through the tenuous upper atmosphere.
If parachutes are used they must work at supersonic speeds, which limits their size.
Also, supersonic speeds produce shock that is not a part of subsonic velocities.
Protest against the boom has slowed up the development of the supersonic transport.
So the region where the flow changes from subsonic to supersonic is an event horizon.
Pulse detonation technology, or supersonic combustion.
Today the surviving members of the fleet are being retired, with no supersonic commercial-jet replacements in anyone's sights.
Those planes were powerful enough that they could become trans- if not supersonic.
There was the stage-turned-supersonic junkyard, with moving cranes and animated cars.

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