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The military element is being superseded to a large extent by the civil.
The world of higher education readily supplies examples of what happens when donors feel their preferences have been superseded.
The new police superseded the old system of watchmen.
But higher-tech forms of entertainment superseded old-fashioned mini-concerts.
It's a kind of elegy, too, for the private patron who has been superseded by government and corporations.
If he is to be believed, a somewhat left of centre government will be superseded by a somewhat right of centre government.
The desktop has had a good run, but it's being superseded by smaller devices.
Popular cars were often superseded by models which were merely different, not better.
But the reason you're wrong about technology is that this kind of technology is being superseded.
Geography, however, can be superseded by the culture at large.
But they are now a dying breed, superseded by ever-spreading modern gadgetry.
What they know about their customers now fits on a computer printout, and individual judgement is superseded by key data.
These have been on the rise for years but are now threatening to eclipse e-mail, much as they have already superseded phone calls.
And technological progress has superseded human space exploration.
Their peril superseded her claims to confidentiality.
His talent on the race track and in the machine shop was superseded only by his kindness and willingness to help other racers.
The collapse of journalism means that the quest for information has been superseded by the quest for ammunition.
Slaps on the back of the head suddenly superseded pecks on the cheek.
Pee-wee is a character so vivid in the popular imagination that he has superseded his creator.
Regulatory structures set in place over the course of a century or more were superseded or dismantled within a few years.
The technical device of a built-in exit might be superseded by the political reality of a built-in escalation.
And a site that presents any sort of access problem is quickly superseded by one that can be worked on immediately.
They have never been superseded, nor are they ever likely to be.
There was autocracy in political life, and it was superseded by democracy.
The history of media technologies suggests that it is rare for any of them to be entirely superseded by others.
Anyway, all this is going to be superseded soon when in a twenty or thirty years oil will become obsolete.
Rather than an outmoded way of life to be superseded, they were a potential model for the future.
Scientific uses for balloons eventually superseded pageantry.
In a sense this is how science is, perpetually accurate only until superseded by something more accurate.
Yes they make good experimental predictions, but they are models of reality that may be superseded by better models tomorrow.
Today's best sitcoms have adapted by relearning their art from the genres that superseded them.

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