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Example sentences for supersede

And a major discovery in the coming years could upend the field and supersede the recommendations of the decadal survey.
To wholly supersede the present memory standard in a mere half-decade may sound wildly optimistic.
More fools will supersede you and they in turn will be shown by their successors to be of no value.
It is about political group think, where convictions supersede reality.
In the long term sense, ideas would supersede individuals in making the world tick.
The romantic poets eagerly sought to supersede this convention by vivid, appropriate words.
These two elements exist in all cultures and supersede any differences.
The parties recognize that the provisions of this contract cannot supersede law.
The study claims that friends supersede spouses as carriers of the fat flu, but wedding vows can still be a vector.
No-license parties are a new fad, and promise to supersede straw rides.
The book requests that its contents be translated into new languages as they supersede the old.
Always with decorum, always with respect and always letting his actions supersede his words.
Weight restrictions shown here do not supersede restrictions posted on signs at each bridge location.
Court decisions supersede regulations on administrative finality.
These official forms supersede all earlier versions.
These instructions supersede all previously existing instructions for the areas addressed.
Local fire restrictions supersede the campfire permit.

Famous quotes containing the word supersede

If ever I should condescend to prose, I'll write poetical commandments, which Shall supersede beyond all do... more
We shall one day learn to supersede politics by education. What we call our root-and-branch reforms of slav... more
Intellectual tasting of life will not supersede muscular activity. If a man should consider the nicety of t... more
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