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When you learn to program a computer, you acquire a superpower: the ability to make an inanimate object follow your command.
We have a population that cannot count on its fingers to ten, and on this we're supposed to be a superpower.
Obtaining a feasible nuclear deterrent is about the reasonable way to defend against superpower aggression.
Some spiders have another seeming superpower: an ability to adhere to sheer surfaces, even when upside down.
The globe has one superpower, and that superpower has to choose to be either a moral superpower or a capitalist superpower.
Criminals are using cloud computing to share information and to superpower their hacking techniques.
The ability to run on sunlight would certainly be a handy superpower.
His superpower is: he can make it to the bathroom on time whenever he likes.
They helped make sense of the world as he and his family emigrated from one superpower to the other.
It is an enemy with a huge military destructive machine higher in its ability than any other superpower state.
Having a platform, in this geopolitical theory, makes you a superpower.
Alignments defined by ideology and superpower relations are giving way to alignments defined by culture and civilization.
What you're looking at, folks, is the rapid birth of a science superpower.
Remains the last superpower tottering on shaky feet.
By integrating fungal genes into its own genomes, it gained a superpower that almost all other animals lack.
EU will never stop arguing within itself to be a superpower.
But both still set much more store by their bilateral relationship with their superpower neighbour.
For generations, our nation's leaders have invested in the infrastructure that made our nation a superpower.

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