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The diamonds, by contrast, are thought to be the products of supernova explosions.
But at their cores shrinking continues, making a supernova imminent.
Astronomers have gained their sharpest ever view of a supergiant star that could be on the verge of exploding as a supernova.
One archaeoastronomer suggests that a new supernova in the ancient skies may have pointed the way.
The ultra-dense remains of the galaxy's youngest supernova are full of bizarre quantum matter.
Many of its stars are on the verge of blowing up in supernova explosions.
The presumption is that it was created by a supernova.
Astronomers have identified the best candidate yet for our galaxy's next supernova explosion, according to a new report.
The outcome after the first supernova is still uncertain, though.
Planetary nebulae and supernova remnants, however, mark the spectacular end of a star's life.
Because in the roiling cauldron of activity that governs galaxy formation, some stars go supernova.
The shock wave produced by a supernova explosion propagates in an electromagnetic field.
The current theory is that a supernova cleared out the region millions of years ago.
If you want energy density, you use supernova fragments.
There two conclusions has been attested by the super-c speed transmission of mutual actions in the supernova.
And, of course, there's that gray supernova featured on the cover.
It was a supernova of creativity whose light is still arriving at our shores.
The supernova appears as a blue dot to the left of the large star, middle right.
Scientists believe the stars in the image are part of a stellar cluster in which a supernova exploded.
Astronomers observing the aftermaths of supernova explosions have announced findings that add fresh fuel to a dusty debate.
But until now they had no clear view of when a supernova becomes a remnant.
After they burn through their fuel, these stars will end their lives in spectacular supernova explosions.
Today astronomers recognize the medium as a protean atmosphere roiled by supernova explosions.
Eventually the larger star went supernova, leaving behind the neutron star, while the smaller star expanded into a red giant.
The higher the redshift, the longer light has been traveling and the farther back in time the supernova occurred.
The reason this image was taken was as part of a sequence of images of a supernova, a star that exploded in the galaxy.
Pulsars and supernova remnants-relics of exploded stars-show up as bright dots close to the centerline.
Every few minutes it catches the flash of a supernova, a star blowing itself into oblivion in a far-off galaxy.
Although all will eventually go supernova, the type of explosion they will generate is unknown.

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Wisely watch for the sight Of the supernova burgeoning over the barn, Lampshine blurred in the steam of bea... more
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