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It could equally be that belief in secret earthly powers compensates for the loss of supernatural convictions.
He is a self-employed expert in protecting people from incursions by the supernatural world.
One: human beings come into the world with a predisposition to believe in supernatural phenomena.
The existence of the supernatural, if accepted, testifies to the existence of that other world so desperately desired.
One thing scientists agree on, though, is that the requirement of testability excludes supernatural explanations.
Offers a defense of religious naturalism, which denies both a deity and the supernatural.
Stories about the skulls focus heavily on their perceived supernatural powers.
By definition science does not allow the supernatural.
So, of course, within this robust internal dictionary there exists a veritable rogues gallery of supernatural beasts.
In short, awareness of a ghost-a supernatural agent-made people less likely to cheat.
Chickens are believed to have supernatural powers that can protect patients from evil and empower them to overcome ailments.
Biblical faith is defined only in the context of the supernatural.
Religious faith is, by definition, concerned with supernatural issues.
As parliamentary and presidential polls this autumn draw near, politicians are again tempted to turn to the supernatural for help.
There's enough reason to live a rich and meaningful life without embracing supernatural beliefs.
His curious work offers the reader a supernatural dip in the spiritual waters of the age.
The burden of proof for supernatural claims lies with the claimant.
They choose to believe in the supernatural despite all the facts to the contrary.
His shorter fiction reveals an intriguing predilection for the supernatural.
The sea is only the embodiment of a supernatural and wonderful existence.
If there was an all powerful supernatural deity that wanted us to believe in him he could easily convince us.
Evidence for free will thus leads to the conclusion that there is a supernatural source for free will.
One does not have to invoke the supernatural to explain it.
Not being able to find a natural reason for good or bad things that happened, they created a supernatural.
The burden for religion, or any supernatural belief, is to finally provide some evidence that doesn't rely on faith.
And the number seems significant given the work's spooky, supernatural content.
It also demonstrates that aliens are neither paranormal nor supernatural.
There is a logic to nature, and for better or worse, humans are not supernatural.
Belief in the supernatural reflects a failure of the imagination.
It seems that he believes in some supernatural power of pyramids, ie being able to transport souls into other dimensions.
Carving a block of stone into a lifelike form could be seen as a supernatural-even divine-feat.
Granting the origin to be supernatural, or miraculous even, will not arrest the inquiry.
Those characters have nearly supernatural physical powers.
Any explanation that relies on something supernatural, such as a deity, is not science.
It is sillier to be ethical out of fear of punishment and expectation of infinite reward from unseen supernatural beings.
Of course, no actual judge possesses such a supernatural reasoning ability.
Supernatural will be opening a new chapter this season, its sixth.
The show was smart and intriguingly spiked with supernatural and sci-fi twists.
Religion placed immortal supernatural beings at the top of the clan, thereby reducing everyday violence between adherents.
As astronomers learned more about celestial objects, the specter of supernatural influence naturally began to fade.
For this exposure of supernatural agents upon a stage is truly bringing in a candle to expose their own delusiveness.
The whole theory of the supernatural, and all that was twined with it or educed out of it, departs as a dream.
To prove his supernatural powers, he soared into the air.
There is something supernatural in such a blindness.
He found himself filled with a supernatural courage that came from nowhere.
The whole theory of the special and supernatural and all that was twined with it or educed out of it departs as a dream.
We suffer only in proportion as the vice which is natural to us resists supernatural grace.
The supernatural plays a part in many other stories.
One has to wonder if audiences eager for scarier visions of the supernatural will respond to this benign tale.
For me, supernatural characters were a way to talk about life and reality--vampires are the perfect metaphor for the lost soul.
Enhancing her almost supernatural status are the reverent eyes of her servant.
Shortly thereafter the entire town is beset by a supernatural terror.
Either you believe in the supernatural effect of this gesture-and then you should dearly wish for it.
Gaines works the flights to give the play its surreal and supernatural and inside-the-mind atmosphere.

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