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Buy a supermarket pineapple with healthy green leaves.
Often fetching high prices at the supermarket, they're surprisingly easy to grow.
All the ingredients you need are at the supermarket.
Look for horseradish root in the supermarket's produce section.
Some of the tastiest oranges in the world never end up in your supermarket.
Short shelf life in the supermarket so it's never as fresh as you want it.
The building is slated to be bulldozed within a few months to make way for a supermarket.
Yes, the stray graduate student who sees you at the supermarket will notice, and perhaps scuttle off to tell his or her cronies.
After two weeks, the supermarket reversed its decision.
For example, ethnic food offerings in the supermarket section, sports-team t-shirts in the apparel section vary across locations.
The supermarket approach to higher education causes a lot of harm: it gives a taste of everything but no main course.
The company says each module can power a small supermarket.
The market's variety in this now revitalized area bewilders many supermarket shoppers.
When you buy beef at the supermarket, you face the choice of purchasing organic versus conventional beef.
Most of the perfumed sprays, cartridges and candles that line supermarket shelves fill your home with toxic chemicals.
The walls of the reef were packed with encrusting life as tightly as supermarket shelves.
In these informal settings, you can meet farmers from your region and discover seasonal foods you might not find in a supermarket.
They're hoping that once you've filled up you'll pull around to their supermarket or big box store and do some more shopping.
She had loved to go to the supermarket with him, to go running, to go out to dinner.
Emile is fired from the grocery but gets a job with a new supermarket.
There is an effective comic sequence involving a gadget new to me, a speaking supermarket trolley.
Your supermarket likely sells many varieties of apples, but when you shop for bananas you usually have one option.
Roundups proceed practically unnoticed in supermarket parking lots, on the streets, and in expensive new developments.
Wandering round a supermarket-warm, gorgeously lit-corridors of open fridges full of tiger prawns and fillet steak.
But the benefits have trickled down, as a visit to any midrange chain supermarket will confirm.
He buys the last five mousetraps in the supermarket, and sets them up.
After a year and a half, his welfare payments ran out, and he found work stacking shelves in a supermarket.
The team is developing a tiny fuel cell that runs on ordinary soda pop, the kind you can buy in a supermarket.
But visit a well-stocked health food store, pharmacy or supermarket, and you'd never know it.
Similar principles are helpful when trying to find apples in a supermarket or lost keys in our house.
It is time you bring a canvas bag to shopping the next time you go to a supermarket.
Or maybe the cooling system leaked, maybe a supermarket cleaned them or a truck driver, or maybe a farmer.
The real battleground for the online supermarket, however, will be guaranteed delivery times.
What has changed is that a great many of the staples you buy at the supermarket are now available elsewhere.
Shooting hoops after work, then navigating supermarket aisles grabbing stuff for dinner.
All the equipment and chemicals can be found in the supermarket.
Currently the process is far too expensive to bring lab-grown meat to the supermarket.
Not one of these fish is destined for a supermarket, canning factory, or restaurant.
To those of us who live off free food, the chance to drink champagne instead of supermarket apple cider was simply magnificent.
Those standards eventually led to today's gigantic supermarket berries.
Most brands in the supermarket don't state the leaves' origin on the label.
Now, you can spend a fortune on condiments, whether at the supermarket or at a fancy shop.
On weekends, he works at a supermarket, roasting their meats.
We find ourselves at that watershed moment when it is time to rethink the supermarket.
He represents celebrity clients in lawsuits against the supermarket tabloids.
Alvaro has opted to buy it already desalted from the supermarket.
Good pork fat can be had in any decent supermarket and in all butcher shops.
Stick with the cheap rubber ones you get in the supermarket.
Kate has been seen food shopping at the local supermarket, apparently buying ingredients to make a pie from scratch.
He had a bank account and a job, first at a local gym and then at a supermarket.
Several supermarket chains refused to sell it even with the wrapper.
Before buying beef, think about the immense cost of energy used to raise cattle and to transport meat to your supermarket shelf.
Other objectors have compared the development to putting in a large supermarket.
Find what's on sale at your local supermarket this week.
Sometimes that means thinking outside the supermarket.
There are many types of flavored pasta available in the supermarket.
Energy is increasingly joining the ranks of top concerns for supermarket owners and facility managers.
Most are also open longer hours than a typical supermarket.
But if you're also hankering for ham and paper towels, no need to run to the supermarket.
Dry pasta always used to present a strange problem for me at the supermarket.

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