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Example sentences for superhuman

Superhuman capabilities could be available at the push of a button.
But not even superhuman efforts could improve the situation.
The expedition required painstaking logistics and almost superhuman stamina.
The modern spectator, whether in the ground or on the sofa, is losing the attention span to appreciate such superhuman efforts.
However a few mental disorders confer superhuman abilities and the patients can be highly successful and well adjusted.
Probably, but it's not because the data has given me superhuman self-coaching abilities.
There might conceivably be evidence that a superhuman power exists and has caused an otherwise inexplicable event.
Maybe his problems were brought on by his desire to operate at a superhuman pace.
There is a region in the experience of pain where the certainty of alleviation often permits superhuman endurance.
Their tension comes from prolonged, superhuman acts of self-restraint.
One part machine, and the other capable of jumping into one of those hydraulic gizmos that gives him superhuman strength.
Its radical anti-humanism is compatible with the possibility of a superhuman intelligence.
When they can't live up to these superhuman goals, they believe they are complete failures.
In particular, clients who have been using methamphetamine display superhuman strength.
They doubt themselves more, take failure more to heart, and often feel they have to be superhuman to make it to the top.
The superintendent should avoid being a superhuman or a perfectionist when delegating responsibility to board members and staff.

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