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Example sentences for superhero

They take on a completely empty look that challenges the image of the big muscular superhero body.
Anybody can imagine putting on the costumes and taking on that superhero role.
Many a superhero wannabe has yearned for the ability to see through walls.
Their fearsome claws have even inspired superhero flicks.
Well, that's the opposite of what these hapless folks in need of a superhero called for.
Ah, the only true superhero of out time, and perhaps the entire history has gone.
And got banned by the third for making a bad joke about some superhero he had some pathological need to defend.
As this only slightly above-average superhero flick proves, it's not easy to make a movie about being green.
Most superhero stories chronicle the rise of heroes above their humanity.
It has the breathless tone of a superhero comic, which isn't surprising.
If your own superhero stockpile is spent and you're looking to replenish, then look no further.
In this, our wannabe superhero was participating in the ultimate expression of the fine old art of dumpster diving.
Unfortunately, science alone isn't enough to get you into the superhero club.
He's a corny superhero whose goodness is unsullied by any complex texture of character.
But, of course, this is one of the basic principles of superhero comic book science.
If you were a superhero, broken links would be your vulnerability.
There's this one guy who works mostly on superhero movies.
Today, a movie about a superhero is being released at your local theater.
As fun as that film was for a summer bonanza, it ends with its superhero on the run and suffering.
Whereas many films will add a sidekick for comic relief, in this case the superhero himself provides the comic relief.
Stung by an unruly critic, our superhero book reviewer fights back.
He has been made the superhero of a comic book--a coveted business honor.
The series offers a deft twist on superhero stories.
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