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If people think the extra meeting is superfluous or unclear on its purpose, they can raise their objections for all to hear.
He may have felt any extra knowledge was superfluous.
Asking about the story played out in the game is a bit superfluous.
Indeed, so potent is their self-organization that it threatens to render superfluous the employer and the state.
In a climate where clothes are superfluous, this is how you dress up for special occasions.
There the poet sustains himself merely by his own superfluous fat, and the philosopher comes down on his marrow-bones.
Cable companies appear to be obsessed with the pursuit of more revenue even if it means superfluous power consumption.
The argument about whether any climate change is human caused or simply a normal fluctuation in temperature is superfluous.
It is no big loss when superfluous things disappear.
Many other alternative energy resources and technologies are dismissed with superfluous remarks or even not mentioned at all.
Portion control at table cuts many superfluous calories.
Make a list of everything you'll need on your trip, then review it and cut anything you feel might be superfluous.
Too silly and superfluous though it had funny moments in the bar.
But on too many corporate boards dissent is still seen as either superfluous or harmful.
It seems that this idea is made superfluous by the facts on the ground.
Indeed, evolution tends to push bacteria towards ever more compact genomes, mercilessly pruning away superfluous genes.
The fact that you happen to be standing in a round room at the time is completely superfluous.
Once you have said that, anything else is superfluous.
The difference between science as a philosophy and science as a method is superfluous.
To me, it is entirely superfluous whether any scientific theory describing some part of nature leads to anything.
The unemployed or underemployed lose such skills as they have acquired and become chronically superfluous to the economy.
So they may believe it is superfluous to announce publicly that they will not a second time be the first to use the atomic bomb.
No matter how smooth his storytelling, though, this book can't help but be largely superfluous.
He would cut off human wants, cut off superfluous desires, cut off bare needs.
In a story of this calibre a complex of incidents would be superfluous.
Any additional features are almost certainly superfluous and could even be damaging.
Six gears are superfluous when you've got enough torque for your car and the two behind you.
The initial impression of clean lines gave way to a center stack cluttered with superfluous buttons.
The idea of playing around with technology in such a way might appear quirky, even superfluous.
For many jobs, after all, lifelike features are superfluous.
Nonetheless that doesn't mean research onto this topic is superfluous.
Doug, if that kind of predictive power and control were possible, money and credit themselves would be superfluous.
Available messaging systems, be they proprietary or open-source, tend to come with superfluous bells and whistles.
They'll keep what becomes permanent and discard what is superfluous or no longer a valid concept.
Their governments are superfluous for those purposes and deserve absolutely none of the credit.
Roll in flour, and shake in a sieve to remove superfluous flour.
Illustration, even of conceded truth, is rarely superfluous.
Then, too, it is superfluous for a science that has something to offer to plead for auditors and adherents.
To mention other monuments and writers here made use of, would be tedious and superfluous.
Both are meaningless, and the the is superfluous and wrong.
Unless something is done to stem this flood of poetastry the art of verse will become not merely superfluous, but ridiculous.
Roll each piece in confectioners' sugar, and shake to remove superfluous sugar.
By swift consent, everything superfluous is dropped, everything graceful is renewed.
In context, it amounts to a perfectly superfluous statement of the obvious.
And many of the computer-animated effects serve only as slick, superfluous visual filler.
And so, when not saying a superfluous mouthful, is this picture.
They are at a party at which each seems to be superfluous.
And that is why everything superfluous is more noticeable in him than in other writers.
The three essays included in this volume are superfluous.
Superfluous detailed specifications have been omitted by writing the requirements in performance language.
The goal is for the robot to be responsive to unexpected events, but also able to filter out superfluous events.

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