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Example sentences for superficial

Do not be swayed by political conformity or accept superficial sources of information regardless of the trust you feel for them.
But the superficial reasonableness of a claim isn't enough to be confident that it is true.
And indeed there is a superficial similarity between the two movements of population.
The superficial interest of the media in this is itself startling.
The target audience is likely to have an interest in superficial knowledge of a widely diverse array of topics.
The discussion is interesting, because today our superficial rational mind finds its limits and believes in the human ego alone.
But any contamination would only be superficial and not found deep within the samples.
The story does not stay the same despite a superficial structural similarity, and especially the interpretation changes.
In my opinion this article is superficial, ill considered and a medical and scientific nonsense.
His anger mostly results from his misunderstanding or superficial understanding of the deep concepts involved.
It is an extremely superficial article written mainly with publicity in mind more than anything else.
But what we're seeing right now is superficial reaction to inflammatory words and headlines.
At a superficial level it's easy to tick off the traits of an awkward-looking throw.
Behind the shoes' superficial appeal seems to lie a deeper truth, however.
But often, these fears are superficial and entirely unfounded.

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