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Example sentences for superb

We had a superb faculty and generally excellent access to them.
The play is well cast, the acting and singing superb.
Candidates must be innovative and creative, and must possess superb communications skills and a collegial leadership style.
The superb bird of paradise seems to throw its metallic voice, sending you off course.
So you might argue that our superb mammalian eyeballs have stopped evolving.
All make superb cut flowers: they hold their color for weeks and retain their shape even after fading.
For a less technical description of the method, this article and accompanying video is a superb introduction to the subject.
He was a magnificent teacher, a trusted friend, and a superb physician who will be deeply missed.
It is what explains their superb cuisine, for example.
Digital cameras today offer superb image quality that competes directly with film.
The site also provides superb links for further reading.
Wonderful still life presentation with this superb golden colors.
Vines are superb on walls and sturdy fences, trellises, arbors.
Games are a superb vehicle for thinking deeply about complex systems.
The vast energy- and vote-rich state makes for a superb political springboard at any time, but it is especially so now.
The fruit is absolutely delicious and makes superb jam.
Metropolises that offer superb art, history and entertainment.
All are superb in containers, either alone or in combination with other plants.
It was an enchanting visit with superb accommodations.
For example, it predicts both inefficiency and superb efficiency.
She was not only a superb musician but also a stunning looker.
Needs strong support: superb on concrete and rock walls or on sturdy arbors.
Each took superb still photos, but the video capture and entertainment extras varied.
Meanwhile nuclear energy sits on the shelf, its superb safety record ignored.
Superb and richly concise article on the elegant absurdity of dueling over the centuries.
Even the finest bones are visible in superb definition.
Superb sushi, even though the focus is on noodle dishes.
Superb alone, but also fabulous over the top of boiled new potatoes.
Our many contributors are superb at that kind of thing.
They're superb habitat plants--my garden is more alive than it's ever been.
Superb noise canceling thwarted ambient sounds, even when the music stops.
The beauty, delicacy, and superb engineering never ceases to amaze and surprise me.
These channels are superb examples of inverted topography.
And in truly superb cyber, you have another layer of fantasy that you build together in text.
Click through the gallery to see the superb photography of these space fans.
They produce high-quality objects cheaply or offer superb shopping and support experience.
First came a squadron of cavaliers in gorgeous raiment, mounted on superb chargers.
The food is hearty and replenishing, the bunks are clean and comfortable, and the view is superb.
It was a superb shot made by a superb golfer in a superb manner.
Finally, her superb state of preservation made sense.
The dress is a superb brocade silk, elaborately embroidered and immense train of the same rich material.
The color, composition and lighting are superb as well, but it is the whole situation that makes it fun and intriguing.
He was a superb teacher, a dedicated physician to his patients, and friend to many.
And the media is supporting that fake reality with a superb job.
It had the superb indifference of the lily, and as for value in gold coin, it had none.
Games are a superb environment for experimenting with new perceptual takes on geometry and physics.
Remaining natural areas are superb and well maintained.
The superb bus feature tells you when the bus will arrive.
It is a superb way to introduce students to combinatorial mathematics, game theory, symmetry and probability.
My crazy brother's ravings always had a superb, even imaginative, inner logic.
We are searching for individuals whose superb technical work promises to shape the coming decades.
Such superb creative design has so far been missing in day-to-day credit credit usage.
Cellphones require superb battery life, computational power, cameras and tracking sensors.
Obviously it's impossible to be superb or even any good at all those things.
People that handle it can't believe how light it is, and it has a superb warmth to weight ratio.
At one superb moment, he even has two phones on the go, in order to check a text while he talks.
He may be disorganized and inadequate in his personal life, but his professional instincts are superb.
All this is not to deprecate the superb, indeed, incredible skills of the athletes involved.
And they all produced, in my opinion, superb collections.
Formidably toned by yoga, her body is in superb shape, but despite her tanned skin and megawatt smile she looks fragile and wan.
His dedication, superb administrative talents and great personal charm endeared him to all.
In view of the elusiveness of the dialogue, the fierce clarity of the characterization he draws is a superb stroke of theatre.
The result was a superb education system and a road network that seemed almost miraculous.
We have a superb public transport network, our health system ranks amongst the best in the world.
The hired hands, by the way, are at ease and either enjoying themselves or superb actresses.
No one would be incline to stop this huge momentum during such a superb bout of prosperity absolutely no one.
It provides a superb medium for the novelist, essayist, journalist and poet.
The prospects of higher productivity really are superb.
The pacing is superb, providing enough time to learn new skills yet not dragging the storyline too slowly.
The result is superb: an up-to-date, articulate, and gorgeously illustrated introduction to modern evolutionary biology.
Don't ask me to go dig one out for you, you ought to start reading his superb blog more regularly.
If you fancy seeing the living variety, the diving around the local reefs is superb.
It's famous today for its superb charcuterie and its winery.

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