sunstroke in a sentence

Example sentences for sunstroke

Here they come, stumbling up the steps, dizzy from rum and sunstroke.
It is a chimera, a trick of white sky, heat and sunstroke.
Sunburn, sunstroke and heat exhaustion can all occur with dehydration and excess exposure to the sun.
Sunstroke and sunburn are common without the proper precautions.
For preventing sunstroke and heat exhaustion, bring along sunscreen, lip balm and salt tablets.
The sea is located in an area where the high summer temperatures require protection against sunburn and sunstroke.
Roasted green fruits are dissolved in sugar water and taken internally to prevent sunstroke.
Numerous casualties are caused by sunstroke on either side.

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... this I conceive to be no time to prate of moral influences. Our men's nerves require their accustomed narcotics and ... more
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