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The horizon hills are still rimmed by a faint line of flame, and the sky above them glows with the crimson flush of the sunset.
The dawn began to reappear before the last reflection of the preceding sunset had faded from the horizon.
They are dangerous, especially when racing east to catch a sunset.
The plan was for the fighter jets to patrol the box from sunset to sunrise.
Every morning at around dawn and every evening at sunset, he leaves his modest house and makes his way to the desert.
Whether it's a steaming bowl of grits or a stack of tender waffles, sometimes all you want is breakfast-even if it's past sunset.
The sunset is too poetic, the depiction of my grandparents is too sentimental, and so much of it has to go.
No photographer today would bother cruising the bush with trained leopards to fake a sunset shot.
Make sunset clauses for financial support programs the rule, not the exception.
It simply means that nobody asks you to pay when, for example, you watch a beautiful sunset over the hills.
At sunset the pier becomes a work of art, as insubstantial as a barred cloud floating on the fiery waves.
State-sponsored retirement was designed to be a brief sunset to life, for a few hardy souls.
One, made for a friend who pined for a pretty view, depicts a sunset.
He took a pack mule and a rifle, promising the guys he'd be back by sunset with dinner.
At this resort, you can watch the sunset over the ocean at the adult-only infinity pool from a luxury cabana.
The company specializes in sunset cruises and offers a variety of complete wedding packages.
Often the best scenes are those being ignited by the warm light of the sunset.
The planet will be visible all night long, rising in the east at sunset and setting in the west around sunrise.
AM stations begin to change operations near sunrise or sunset.

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