sunscald in a sentence

Example sentences for sunscald

It may require careful siting in areas prone to drought and also to avoid sunscald.
Sunscald lowers quality by making the melons less attractive and may cause them to rot.
Buyers usually will not purchase watermelons with sunscald damage.
All smooth bark deciduous tree trunks must be wrapped with waterproof paper according to specifications to prevent sunscald.
Recently isolated trees, in particular, are subject to wind throw on shallow soils and susceptible to winter sunscald.
Do not plant near concrete or asphalt as this increases the risk of trunk sunscald or frost cracks.
Loss of leaves also exposes developing fruit to the sun, resulting in sunscald.
Under extremely high temperatures, the eggplant fruit are also prone to sunscald.
The higher levels of sunlight may cause sunscald on the trunks and branches.
The advantage is that the plant has more leaf area for photosynthesis and to protect developing fruit from sunscald.
Excessive heating can cause softening of fruit, uneven ripening, sunscald and color changes.
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