sunroom in a sentence

Example sentences for sunroom

Move the tree to a greenhouse or cool, bright location, such as a sunroom.
Removing the piece of paper from the pad, he crosses the sunroom and discreetly slips it into my palm.
He likes do-it-yourself projects and spent many weekends turning a deck off his house into a sunroom.
The building's interior includes a sunroom, a grand salon and marble staircases.
The bed and breakfast features a screened sunroom, movie room and game room.
The sunroom has tile floors and features triple pane windows which look out to a colorful back yard with rows of roses.
For example, a sunroom that does not comply with the code is added to a house.
The sunroom floor is tile and gets quite warm in the winter when the sunroom blinds stand open all day.
The door leading into the sunroom from the house is left in place.
The sunroom is not heated and utilized as habitable space.
The apartment was remodelled again much later when a private guest suite and sunroom were added.
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