sunroof in a sentence

Example sentences for sunroof

It is the only car on the road with a folding power hardtop that also has a power tilt-and-slide sunroof.
The dealer-installed sunroof was replaced with an original top.
Nearly every power feature was driven by hydraulics, including the seats, windows and sunroof.
There is comfortable seating for four adults and a huge sunroof.
They felt the radiant heat of the cloud carried by the wind that blew into the car through the open sunroof.
Failure of either the left or right hand side sunroof guide rail can occur when the sunroof is operated.
One of the bed tents has a see-through plastic sunroof and silver plastic squares that resemble headlights.
He was unable to get out with the rest of the family due to the limited access provided by the sunroof opening.
The reenactment was filmed through the sunroof of the car.
They gained access to the car by breaking the sunroof.
Roll up the windows and close down the sunroof when you run it.
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