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Anticyclonic curvature favors the formation of surface high pressure areas and often brings sunny weather.
Spring weather can quickly swing from warm to cool and from sunny to wet, so be prepared.
Such devices can produce a lot of electricity on a bright sunny day.
It is bright and sunny, and he is in an urban park next to a chain-link fence.
On sunny days, the salt melted and absorbed heat, cooling the air in hot weather.
But if you made your way to the garden around the back, it was bright and sunny.
On a wet trees there are lot of cases when primate gets advantage if it can grip in all weather not only when it's sunny.
But the news is not all sunny for bachelor's degree holders.
In the south winters are cool but sunny, but as one moves further north temperatures drop and snow falls.
Most of the country has warm, sunny days and cool nights.
Summers are sunny and generally hot, except in the higher mountains.
Every street has two sides, the shady side and the sunny.
Place in a sunny window, and let stand twenty-four hours.
To have lived through all its sunny hours, seems longevity enough.
If you count the sunny and the cloudy days of the whole year, you will find that the sunshine predominates.
First of all, the ones in sorrow should be urged if possible to sit in a sunny room and where there is an open fire.
Generally his humour is of an exceptionally kindly and sunny character.
Most often the poet represents himself as wandering through a forest on a sunny morning.
Plan a sunny vacation that will break the dreary doldrums but not your budget.
These sunny giants bring old-fashioned charm and a bounty of edible seeds.
In the family's other side yard, the couple removed a hulking tree that shaded an otherwise sunny space.
Give your plant a sunny location, moderate water, and some type of support.
Keep some leaves on the sunny south side of the clusters, however, to shade the fruit from intense direct sun.
The desert marigolds readily adapted to the sunny site.
Dress up a few lanterns with ribbon, add some sunny fabric, and your plain canvas umbrella is ready to party.
These oils hint at the wonderful variety of these large, sunny flowers.
If you have a sunny space for a pot on your patio or deck, you have enough room to grow summer vegetables.
When planted under trees or in other shady locations, it needs less water than it does in sunny areas.
The sunny hue is picked up in the wall art and chair seats.
Since then he has basked in popularity derived from sunny economic times and well-designed social policies.
It has excellent color reproduction and brightness, even during sunny days.
Other studies have shown that exposure levels are higher when a car is new, when the windows closed and on hot, sunny days.
The outer membrane is photosynthetic, and large groups of the plants grow in the sunny clearings left by forest fires.
Chlorophyll makes them green and helps carry out photosynthesis during warm, sunny months.
The best spots to put such panels are obviously sunny, with little rain.
And then there are those not so sunny days that make it even worse.
The monotonous nature of the unending sunny clime has driven many people away from it.
When its sunny out, the water tanks fill to the top.
Solar panels on the roof can cut a homeowner's use of conventional electricity in a sunny climate.
Organic food can be frustratingly expensive, but many people don't have a sunny backyard where they can garden.
For example, big windows placed on the sunny side of a building allow sunlight to heat-absorbent materials on the floor and walls.
Thanks to photovoltaic technology, any sunny rooftop can be converted into a solar power generator.
Sea breezes occur when inland areas heat up on sunny afternoons.
Its spray is so voluminous that on sunny days single or double rainbows appear near the falls.
Solar panels speed pumping on sunny days and slow it on cloudy days, so crops always get the water they need.
Six ways to sample this sunny city's natural and cultural draws.
No sunny day can be thoroughly enjoyed without the buzzing of the bees in the background.
Above a cold, swollen sea, a sunny day gives way as clouds wrap the sky in silver gauze.
Parts of the region are experiencing near-drought conditions after an unusually sunny, dry spring.
The artist himself rhapsodically described his hometown's pearly and rarely directly sunny light and marine air.
It is pretty, looks right down on the sea, has a pleasant sunny terrace.
The back door of the school bus is usually open for kids to run in and out on sunny days.
Pots won't spurn to pour soot on our tops on our sunny tour to town.
The writer of this notice once asked him to write a story which should be cheerful and sunny from beginning to end.
Len closed the door behind me, and the rest of the sunny world slipped away.
One of the best places to put a solar panel is in the desert, where it's sunny.
Something that could radiate infrared but not absorb it, even on a sunny day.
He sometimes comes across as bitter and twisted rather than sunny and optimistic.
The cookbook's sunny style hadn't totally wiped away my grumpiness, however.
Now, though, his inspirations are the generous melodies and sunny outlook of the sixties.
Though the day was sunny and mild, the curtains were drawn on every downstairs window, as if the residents had gone on vacation.
It makes sense: stay where it's warm, sunny, and there's a lot of food.
The supposed function of dark skin in sunny climates is for protection against skin cancer.
On a sunny austral morning, wheeler surveys a stone corral filled with the bobbing white heads of hundreds of alpacas.
Wait for a sunny day and take a golf ball to make some shadows from the sunlight on a piece of paper.
It is a lovely warm sunny day, so perfect for a parade.
Strange objects in slowly rotating clouds are a common sight in desert areas especially in the later hours of a hot sunny day.
Don't call me a cynic, you sunny fresh-start enthusiasts.
As you have noted in your own garden, plants that are in full sun will leaf out earlier than those in partially sunny areas.

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