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Added to that, universities don't want the ideological make-up of their professors to undergo too much sunlight.
Throngs of students were out that day, lounging in the kind of late-summer sunlight that keeps brochure photographers in business.
Do make sure to set up your schedule so you get out in the sunlight.
Ward is more inclined toward orbiting sunshades that would cut down on the amount of sunlight hitting the planet.
On the one hand, it is kind of pretty, shiny things that catch the sunlight.
It had long been dogged by a stereotype as a place for nerds and social misfits who shun sunlight and conversation.
Sunlight streamed through the winter-bare canopies of the tupelos and cypresses.
Collect sunlight and extract useful forms of energy from it, rather than expending energy on air conditioning.
Imagine a sculpture that could help make the air cleaner simply by sparkling in the sunlight.
Sunlight bores in through a few knotholes in the siding.
The sunlight pours in through the window, translating color to vision.
Ozone forms when sunlight reacts with various pollutants, so concentrations can soar on hot, sunny days.
We keep walking, and soon the sunlight stabbing through the trees signals a clearing.
The graffiti-covered archways overhead let sunlight into the station.
Its skin was dark gray, glinting in the sunlight, with mottled white dots.
Eight columns form the basis of a roof that lets in shards of sunlight.
Further inspection revealed the source of the light: an underwater cavity that allows sunlight to filter in.
Bookshelves line three of its walls from floor to ceiling, and two windows let in a cheery amount of sunlight.
It was interrupted in mid-construction by a lawsuit filed by local residents who objected to their loss of sunlight and views.
Timrod described the dawn of the eventful day as the city in the broad sunlight of heroic deeds waited for the foe.
The blinding sunlight did not temper the cold, which cut the face and made the lungs ache.
It took long years of weary labor to make good the claim of the sunlight to such corners of the dens as it could reach at all.
Dappled sunlight filters through the branches of ancient trees and a fountain creates cool music.
Climate was cold and both of them are warming each other sleeping under the sunlight.
Photo sensors dim lamps when sunlight is bright enough to read by.
Sunlight is free energy, but the equipment that captures it and turns it into usable electricity can be costly.
For example, big windows placed on the sunny side of a building allow sunlight to heat-absorbent materials on the floor and walls.
At left a bird and a mountain symbolize the sunlight that emerges in the east every morning.
Use guided inquiry to have students investigate direct and indirect sunlight.
Grazing animals are known to orient themselves to minimize heat loss by wind or maximize their exposure to sunlight.
Set up the solar stove on a flat surface with unobstructed sunlight.
Corals and fish shine in sunlight trickling through to the shallow-water reef.
Looking up from a rain forest floor shows openings where sunlight gets through.
Particles thrown into the atmosphere by volcanic eruptions are known to cause a global cooling effect by reflecting back sunlight.
In the winter feeble sunlight breaks out for only an hour or two, if at all.
Return unused product to original package and store in a dark place away from high temperatures, humidity, or direct sunlight.
The vine is invasive, killing anything it can overtake by blocking sunlight.
Atmospheric oxygen comes from the splitting of water molecules, a combination of hydrogen and oxygen, by sunlight.
But in the future some robots will need to operate beyond the reach of power grids, sunlight, or helping human hands.
Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
What interests scientists is how these wings shimmer in sunlight.
Rooftop gardens require particularly unfussy plants since they get direct sunlight and sporadic water.
Selecting a warm toned hue adds instant sunlight to any space.
Needs protection from drying winds and strong, reflected sunlight.
Suffused with sunlight and open to a deck, the room allows easy indoor-outdoor living.
Filmy white shades diffuse sunlight through the sitting area-helped by pale fabrics and rugs.
To make more plants, break off a one- to three-segment piece and set it in a warm place out of direct sunlight to callus.
The unobtrusive panels protect the bamboo from rain but allow diffused sunlight to filter through.
Keep the containers out of direct sunlight for a few days to let the transplants recover from the move.
Garden microclimates are influenced by hills and hollows, sunlight, and structures.
Bt breaks down quickly in sunlight, and several applications may be required to control an infestation.
Always go darker and browner than what you think you want, because full sunlight blows out color.
The bending of sunlight by the raindrops is the key to forming colorful rainbows.
Spend time outdoors in the sunlight in your destination.
Move both indoor and outdoor plants out of direct sunlight.
During the day, the monument appears gold in the sunlight and glows pink at night.
Lightweight light-colored clothing reflects the sunlight and helps in keeping cool.
The temperature of the sun is such that it supports a nuclear-fusion reaction that generates bright sunlight.
Sunlight coming through the windows heats up the internal air which has nowhere to go as the air-conditioning struggles to cope.
The location of these craters means that parts of their floors never see direct sunlight.
Fast-growing crops would be planted in the tropics, where sunlight is abundant.
The temperature of the sun is such that it supports nuclear fusion that generates bright sunlight.
But above it is a thick smog, made of organic compounds broken up by the sunlight.
Most of it will be supplied, belatedly, by the market itself-especially if it is bathed in the cleansing sunlight of transparency.
And it can help with the efficient capture of sunlight to make electricity and non-fossil fuels.
Conventional photovoltaic cells, made of silicon, are designed to collect energy from the wavelengths of sunlight.
Conventional photovoltaic cells, made of silicon, are designed to collect energy from sunlight.
One is to reduce the amount of incoming sunlight that the planet absorbs.
Fruit, vegetable and fiber plants flourish with sunlight and water but so do plant pests and diseases.
One is albedo-the posh scientific name for how much sunlight is absorbed by a planet's surface, and how much is reflected.
Ice is pure white and reflects sunlight back into space.
Airports can pose a far bigger threat to local air than previously recognized, thanks to the transformative power of sunlight.
When sunlight hits a raindrop, some photons glance off the surface.
Spots where the atmosphere is denser block more sunlight than spots where it is thinner.
Depending on the intensity of your sunlight, it should take an average of four hours to reach a full charge.
Any amateur gardener knows plants need two things to survive: sunlight and water.
Sunlight, which appears white to the human eye, is a mixture of all the colors of the rainbow.
The answer: store sunlight as heat energy for such a rainy day.
The light emanates from molecules excited by sunlight or cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere.
Meanwhile, sunlight also strikes the polymer, where it's converted to electricity.
Plankton in the open ocean need a precise mixture of sunlight in shallower waters and nutrients from the deep.
There is the gradual stirring in response to the warming pink glow of sunlight on the eyelids.
Photovoltaic cells remain woefully inefficient at converting sunlight into electricity.
It can be obtained from food or manufactured by human skin exposed to sunlight.
Plants turn sunlight into energy using photosynthesis, but they rely on two slightly different forms of the process.
When the volcanoes erupted, they emit particles in the atmosphere that reflect sunlight and the planet cools.
Imagine a world where sunlight can be captured to produce electricity anywhere, on any surface.
For example, cooler weather causes fewer clouds, which reflect less sunlight.
It is said in politics that sunlight is the best disinfectant.
Nature has favored genes for tall stalks, because in nature plants must compete for access to sunlight.
So few atoms are present that the total available energy is much less than that from ordinary sunlight.
The dry sunlight and the green summer landscapes have been invested with a sinister quality which must be new in literature.
The rain begins again, and water gleams in sunlight.
Some even come through exposure to sunlight that can harm the eyes and the skin.
Sunlight was shining on the aircraft, and some surfaces were more reflective and some less reflective.
When he looked away from the sun, his eyes were drawn to the cool shadow of a deer standing against the yellow ribbon of sunlight.
As sunlight drew away from the orchard, it came to him: the thread that bound their lives together.
Perhaps it's because flu viruses flourish in cool temperatures and are killed by exposure to sunlight.
Basically, baboons have about a half dozen solid hours of sunlight a day to devote to being rotten to each other.
Moreover, because it had been buried, sunlight would not break it down.
However, our biological clocks seem to need sunlight to stay set on a regular cycle.
It is especially desirable in southern climates where both harsh sunlight and frequent downpours occur.
The need for tablets that can be read in direct sunlight becomes more pressing.
Sunlight all over his face breaking the surface of something.
The heart of the world lies open, leached and ticking with sunlight.
Hot sunlight can't help but glint from a bumper and produce a faint reflection of the windshield on a garage door.
He can feel a tremor of fresh sunlight, warm and warmer.
Sunlight streamed through a two-story bank of windows.
Sunlight filled the kitchen from the big window behind the sink.
The fog was thinning, and there were rays of sunlight here and there.
Three crystalline liquor bottles glint in the sunlight refracted by a chrome lamp.
If you looked away from the site, at the buildings gleaming in the sunlight, it was almost as if nothing had happened.
In my memory, beyond the shadows of the hemlock the spring was always in a ray of sunlight.
In the background, sunlight dances over a hedge of yellow flowers.
If a flavor can be verdant, here it is: the heady soul of a plant with leaves that marinate in sunlight.
They use no herbicides and have developed their own trellising system to admit maximum sunlight into the foliage.
Land and sunlight cannot be concentrated in cities but are spread more or less evenly over the planet.
Photos disappear into the sunlight, books get eaten by all sorts of insects and stuff.
E-book readers can be used outdoors and in direct sunlight indoors.
Biotechnology could be a great equalizer, spreading wealth over the world wherever there is land and air and water and sunlight.
Sunshades in the stratosphere to reflect sunlight away from our planet.
Green algae may rely on quantum computing to turn sunlight into food.
Everything goes blurry, and sunlight seems to reach his eyes bent every which way, as though he has suddenly slipped underwater.
Tiny chemical particles thrown into the atmosphere reflect sunlight back into space.
The zodiacal light-the faint glow of sunlight reflected off interplanetary dust-is easiest to see about now.
At the same time, the extra sunlight causes more evaporation off the ocean, which adds to downpours in the western tropics.
But our whole cultural evolution has been to remove us from sunlight.
It's the cloud of expanding gas that reflects sunlight and makes a comet bright, so there you go.
Consider that cep patients learn early in life that sunlight is harmful and so leave their homes only at night.
It will start giving us our first real pictures from sunlight reflected off the planet's atmosphere.
Those deserts have tremendous energy resources in the form of sunlight.
That's called the zodiacal light, and is caused by the reflection of sunlight by dust in the plane of our solar system.
The ash would have darkened the atmosphere, letting slightly less sunlight down.
Some clones turn a brilliant, shining yellow that almost seems to generate sunlight.
When sunlight streams from above, they choose the see-through option.
He explained that his color was due to lack of sunlight.
Focus enough sunlight on a sheet of paper and you can light a fire.
The startup isn't the first company to attempt to reduce costs by concentrating sunlight onto smaller solar cells.
Focusing sunlight into a tiny space can increase the amount of available energy and drive down the price per watt.
Silicon, in the form of photovoltaic cells, is good at generating electricity from sunlight.
One way to squeeze more power out of sunlight is to ensure that it always hits a solar panel at the ideal angle.
Solar thermal systems use mirrors to focus sunlight, generating temperatures high enough to produce steam to drive a turbine.
Focus the same sunlight on a solar cell and you can generate plenty of electricity.
Silicon wafers are the core component in conventional solar cells--they're what absorbs sunlight and generates electrons.
Sunlight, wind, and waves aren't the only sources of renewable energy.
It shows video in color, and under full sunlight, but without draining the battery.
E-paper reflects light instead of emitting it, which makes it less power hungry and easier to read in bright sunlight.
Direct sunlight may injure the bracts, so use a shade or sheer curtain.
Researchers say they have moved a step closer to a cost-effective way to power automobiles with only sunlight and water.
One is through photovoltaic panels, which transform sunlight directly to electricity.
The flashlight absorbs sunlight during the day through its handle and converts it into electric light at night.
The virus can be triggered by outside stress, such as exposure to sunlight, a fever or emotional distress.
These spores are hardy little things, resistant to sunlight, heat and disinfectant.
It all comes down to the precise amount of sunlight that hits your roof.
Clouds cool the planet by reflecting sunlight back into space.
Sunlight interacts with the skin to produce endorphins, natural opiates that send the brain a message of well-being.
Open water also reflects a lot less sunlight than ice does, which lets the sun warm things up more as more water shows.
Other methods include spraying seawater mist from ships toward low-lying clouds, which would then reflect more sunlight.

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