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These woes, and more, are frequently sung in chorus for this all-time favorite dessert.
Or sung folk songs of places far away-in languages unknown to anyone nearby.
Each song is composed of anywhere from two to nine themes, and the themes are sung in a specific order.
The beauty of great opera, sung by the top professionals, shows that infinity has already been reached.
Tempo can be defined as how fast or slow a piece of music should be sung or played at.
There are about a half dozen, a couple of which are sung multiple times.
Hangs a thrush that sings loud, it has sung for three years.
It is not really a song, but it is a band tune which no existing adult audience has ever sung together.
It is impossible, of course, to name a date as that at which new methods were employed and new themes sung.
And knew the sweet strain that the corn-reapers sung.
Most big studios today use vocal pitch correctors to repair notes sung out of tune.
When sung well, it can be wonderfully emotive and moving.
They have indulged the producers and sung commercial jingles.
The works are less constructed than spoken or sung into being.
Gradually they increase the length of the sung sentences until reaching the point where they can start to speak.
And also preferably sung by someone with a large chin.
And that really sung to me about this project, because the characters are written with such humanism.
Although there was organ music, no hymns were sung, and no one else spoke.
The songs in the musical and the movie-jazz, ragtime, the torch song-were sung directly to the audience.
The legend sung in this carol probably dates from the fourteenth century.
He wrote two operas which have been sung without scorn.
The precise pitch and movement of a melody could be discovered only by hearing it sung.

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For she had fiery blood When I was young, And trod so sweetly proud As 'twere upon a cloud, A woman Homer sungmore
During the cattle drives, Texas cowboy music came into national significance. Its practical purpose is well known—it w... more
On a cloud I saw a child, And he laughing said to me, "Pipe a song about a Lamb"; So I piped with merry chear. "Piper p... more
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