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Yet, of those who did heed the call and summon up the blood, none came back disappointed.
Discourse of reason doth not only call and summon us unto it.
The answer is that such allegations summon emotional, and often unconscious, reactions to the argument that undermine it.
She throws back her head and yips-five quick, sharp calls that summon four other wolves, all males.
Repeated on many buildings in this arid site, this motif was likely meant to summon rain.
We have ceased to believe that a friend's highest purpose is to summon us to the good by offering moral advice and correction.
There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but it is the sort of context that would normally summon a little apprehension.
Others have called on their experience in sports to summon much larger doses of courage.
Other companies offer software that can count the length of a checkout line and summon staff if a new register needs to be opened.
When the food is ready, one of the staff will summon you so that you can carry your plates to a bare-topped table.
He was almost ready to speak, but his hesitation implied that he wanted to summon the precise words.
But this crime should summon us to some reflection on this talk.
She thanked him for her life, unable to summon much warmth in her voice.
Maybe the deafening refrain of vuvuzela soccer horns can summon up more goalmouth incident and dramatic moments.
So he designed an experiment to see if they could summon help.
We sit with our heads bowed as if trying to summon spirits, while in truth struggling to see what's on our dinner plates.
What matters is the illusion of reality, the ability to summon up ghosts.
It's been a while since he did that, and the way you summon people up and get them to do things has changed.
Some were fighting round the electric bells, trying to summon trains which could not be summoned.
Society is full of infirm people, who incessantly summon others to serve them.
Only thus can he summon up a populist wave for himself and ride it to re-election.
Cells called macrophages summon all sorts of others to an injury, to try to repair it.
The ability to summon computing capacity from the cloud when needed will also give the software industry a shot in the arm.
Beyond the oil industry, there are a few obvious targets for foreign multinationals, if they can summon up the courage.
Your television will summon films and television programmes as and when you want them.
Music burst forth from two dozen string and wind instruments in perfect synchronization, without a conductor to summon it.
Movements that regularly summon the ghosts of the framers end up promoting an uncomfortably one-sided reading of history.
Guests can summon the butler, who then appears at the door with a selection of perfumes and colognes on a silver tray.
Or you might summon elemental creatures or engage in boss fights.
Users can summon a baseball card for the player who is up at bat, and there's video from real games.
Drivers should travel with a fully-charged cell phone to summon help in case of an emergency.
His lifelong problem would be how to summon the past in a language that was absolutely of the here and now.
Shorter breathed these days, she can still summon a warm, rich sound and vividly tell a song's story.
From that ancient root cellar they summon up dark, flapping fantasies of revenge.
Persons should carry a fully-charged cell phone in case they need to summon help.
The convention disintegrated no candidate was able to summon a two-thirds majority vote.
Entrance station employees and park maintenance personnel can also summon medical help.
Building must be equipment with an automatic sprinkler system and automatic dialer to summon the local fire department.
The monitor should be ready to summon help if the miner would collapse inside the confined space.
The operator of the vehicle reportedly walked away from the scene of the accident, allegedly to summon police.
Clerk of district court must summon jurors, maintain exhibits and attend court when it is in session.

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