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No one wants higher summertime temperatures or more oppressive heat waves.
Summertime peak demand is at dinner time when solar levels are way down.
It turns out, however, that in hot climates the summertime benefit greatly outweighs the wintertime penalty.
Fuel ethanol is practical here as a summertime fuel, especially, and also as an agricultural machinery fuel.
Ants seem common and ubiquitous, especially at summertime picnics.
Because they've less distance to travel, they tend to arrive home first in the summertime and to live in prime forest-edge spots.
Summertime is here again, and with it comes more music to move you.
They were cool even in summertime, and their red-cheeked salesgirls even wore sweaters under their white coats.
Redolent, she thinks-Keatsian word-redolent of summertime and summer ease.
It was a planetary summertime, and the living was easy.
During the summertime, the area will be air-conditioned to keep the pair cool.
In summertime, these regions are sunny almost all of the time, although they are still pretty cold.
School holidays and summertime are the busiest times.
In summertime, people eat on their balconies and in parks, and occupy public spaces with their private concerns.
Summertime lessons at various parks throughout the city are open to the public, regardless of age or experience.
It was weeks before the bears' internal engines were again running at summertime levels.
For many people, summertime means sunshine, outdoor activities and time to get out of town.
Although summertime brings tourists in droves to beat the heat, don't let the season stop you.
Snowbird is a year-round resort that offers many summertime activities.
The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool open in the summertime and an indoor, heated pool open year-round.
But summertime is not the season to partake in outdoor activities.
Nutrition information article about healthy summertime drinks.
Peak ozone levels typically occur during hot, dry, stagnant summertime conditions.
Ozone is a pollutant that appears in our valley's hot summertime air.
Fun in the sun is always a summertime favorite, but make sure you take care of your skin.
We know that when it comes to summertime recreation.

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The water for which we may have to look In summertime with a witching wand, In every wheelrut's now a brook... more
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