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Example sentences for summarize

Be able to write about, discuss and summarize the main ideas in a book.
It's impossible to briefly summarize the twists and turns of the complicated saga.
Ask groups to summarize their articles in a short paragraph.
If the logic therein is so persuasive, then you should be able to summarize it here and make your case.
Let me summarize two different ways of looking at the motion of an object.
The scope of the book makes it difficult to summarize.
The letters are short, but summarize well each side's views.
So to summarize this blog in one sentence, cheaper cameras have lower resolution.
And my professors hadn't seen me teach, so they had to creatively summarize my student evaluations.
Let me summarize some of the key challenges and opportunities.
Summarize ideas about the relationship between the six pterosaurs.
They summarize the kind of services a set-top box must support and the technical features required to do so.
Within this limited space, summarize your research as you see fit.
Let me summarize that last step for you in layman's terms.
Have students summarize both scientific and moral arguments on the topic of captive breeding.
What follows is an attempt to summarize a few key points.
While looking at the maps, students should take notes and summarize the distribution pattern.
Heck, they still struggle with how to summarize an article properly.
Ask students to summarize what they have learned about the sun and solar activity.
If you haven't heard of cargo cult, let me summarize super quick.
It can summarize the article, set the scene, or establish the mood of the story.
Have students summarize the challenges they faced in creating their plans.
First ask students to summarize the ways in which marine debris affects the life and health of the laysan albatross.
Encourage students to pause after they read each section and summarize the main idea.
To help students summarize after reading, encourage them to flag important ideas in the article with sticky notes.
To summarize the narrative is no mean feat, but here goes.
Summarize the essential information for each question below.
They will also discuss a scene from a movie, summarize information and give opinions and impressions.
My dear friend and wonderful human being, no words could summarize all the special ways you've touched my life.
But such qualities also make the book difficult to summarize briefly.
To summarize the plot more than that would give away spoilers.
He has an enviable ability to summarize the conclusions of scholars in a simple and fairly accurate manner.
If you have time, it'd be great if you would briefly summarize what you found and share with this forum.
It would be pointless to try to summarize his hypotheses.
Still, one must summarize to convey what he is driving at.
Given the range of artists included, it is difficult to summarize the work on view.
As you explain each step, ask students to summarize it in their own words.
Focusing on these cause-effect relationships will help them summarize the key information.
Mention that writers often summarize their thoughts and reemphasize the main idea in the last paragraph.
Model how to use the information to summarize the story.
Model how to use the information to summarize the story orally.
Use this as a chance to summarize your good characteristics and attributes and how they may be used to benefit the organization.
The cases are complex, so it is difficult to summarize the official response in a short space.
It denotes a technical object that is immediately at hand, yet too complicated to summarize with some better, time-tested noun.
To summarize, attention can ground an economy because it is a fundamental human desire and is intrinsically, unavoidably scarce.
Let me summarize my own views on the specific requirements of our global open society at this moment of history.
His work makes for fascinating reading and it would be folly to try to summarize.
The final scientific papers ought to report raw data but depending on the journals, you summarize and interpret the raw data.
The researchers, for example, used it to summarize users' achievements in a mathematics software program.
It is impossible to summarize a book so strong and yet so subtle, in which every word has meaning.
It is widely used to summarize basic facts in a text or to create abridged versions of articles.
Summarize the argument of the team in favor of no government financing of higher education in prisons.
Follow the steps listed below to add calculations and labels to further summarize your data.

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