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Example sentences for sultry

Sensuous textures and deep, saturated colors are used to create a sultry atmosphere of stifled desire.
It is the rare actress who can manage to be so seductive or sultry as this scene.
Still, her achievement and legend cast a long, sultry shadow.
Ice stalls may be set up to cool shoppers as the weather is apt to be hot and sultry.
The tornado came after a sultry day and was preceded by some lightening and hail.
Taller than any human, the plants make a shadowy canopy against summer's sultry heat.
The tornado came after a sultry day and was preceded by some lightning and hail.
The heat was described as sultry, oppressive and lifeless.
Instruments were played, sultry voices filled the air as the crowd was serenaded to an evening's delight.
The winter doldrums have long set in by now and the longing for sultry summer days is festering.
She is a wonderful singer with a dusky voice that can be sultry or sweet and an onstage charisma that is mesmerizing.
One of those sultry days when you either yearn for a swim in a pool or crave a cool drink.

Famous quotes containing the word sultry

Kind death. O my dark and sultry love.... more
What men call gallantry, and gods adultery, Is much more common where the climate's sultry.... more
Night and Day 've been tampered with, Every quality and pith Surcharged and sultry with a power That works ... more
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