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Mineral pools on the lake are purported to have healing properties because of their high sulphur content.
Actually silver tarnishes when exposed to industrial pollutants such as ozone and sulphur.
Extracting sulphur all day is a brutal occupation.
Radioactive sulphur signal adds to evidence of catastrophe.
There is already a natural process that removes sulphur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide pollution from the atmosphere.
The addition of low sulphur fuel and upcoming catalytic converter technology make diesel the way to go.
Some geo-engineers want to spray sulphur dioxide in the high atmosphere to fight off climate change.
They read, and they find nitre and charcoal and sulphur for powder.
At the same time, the emission of toxic sulphur dioxide had decreased markedly.
Clean coal technology researched during the seventies and eighties focused on reducing acid rain reduction by removing sulphur.
The near-term climate benefits of a global dash for sulphur-free gas may thus be smaller than might be expected.
The explosive he described was composed of six parts of saltpetre to five parts of charcoal and five parts of sulphur.
Take sulphur hexafluoride, a greenhouse gas used-among other things-as an insulator in some sorts of high-voltage equipment.
But greens may slow their arrival by demanding laws mandating new low-sulphur diesel and cleaner emissions.
The heat may have been a short-term greenhouse-gas effect from high concentrations of sulphur dioxide.
Meanwhile, the global market is demanding ever more clean diesel fuels and low-sulphur petrol.
Though they are not legally required, many companies have added them to capture sulphur dioxide.
Its similar to the story about the proposal to pump sulphur into the atmosphere to stop global warming.
The country is also the world's biggest emitter of sulphur dioxide.
Next on its list of worries is local pollution caused by sulphur dioxide, atmospheric particulate matter and wastewater.

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