sulfuric acid in a sentence

Example sentences for sulfuric acid

Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
Since the particles are chemically alkaline, they may dilute sulfuric acid-a major component of acid rain.
Also called sulfuric acid block apartment: noun: tall building with many residences and sometimes offices.
Producers add sulfuric acid to form phosphoric acid, which is later converted to ammonium phosphate.
Sulfur dioxide turns into sulfuric acid which is hazardous to health.
The reaction converts the pollutants into nitric acid and sulfuric acid, which collect on the surface of the panel.
The sulfuric acid they excrete gnaws away at the cave's limestone walls much faster than water alone would.
And sulfur dioxide extracted from the coal will be converted into sulfuric acid and sold as well.
However, they do reveal sulfuric acid, an integral component of volcanic eruptions.
Dutch television said the spray was sulfuric acid, but museum officials would not confirm the report.
Two chemical fires spewed noxious sulfuric acid fumes over an industrial area today.
Normally, the process encourages sulfuric acid to oxidize, which ruins the negative battery plate.
Launch solar shades, put sulfuric acid into the stratosphere, increase cloud cover.
It forms sulfuric acid when it comes in contact with water.
Two levels of sulfuric acid control were considered.
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