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Example sentences for sulfur dioxide

Sulfur dioxide and closely related chemicals are known primarily as a cause of acid rain.
Likewise, acid rain from sulfur dioxide pollution has destroyed much of the vegetation in the area.
Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
Renewable diesel also creates far fewer sulfur dioxide, particulate, and nitrogen oxide emissions.
Ash and sulfur dioxide spread through the atmosphere.
Sulfur dioxide plumes were no longer detected in satellite imagery.
Sulfur dioxide turns into sulfuric acid which is hazardous to health.
It spurred a revolution in sulfur dioxide scrubbing technologies.
Sulfur dioxide poisoning and excess heat caused scores of thousands of deaths.
Sulfur dioxide is a pollutant that helps produce acid rain.
He uses barely any sulfur dioxide, the headache-producing preservative that abounds in supermarket wine.
One of these gases is sulfur dioxide, which indicates that live magma is moving upward through the volcano and may erupt.
And that's often a dilemma for winemakers, who for centuries have added sulfur dioxide to wines as a preservative.
Sulfur dioxide is oxidized to sulfite on the medium and then slowly oxidizes further to sulfate.
Sulfur dioxide is a colorless gas with a pungent odor.
Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are the primary causes of acid rain.
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