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The observatory also warned of lethal levels of sulfur dioxide near the vents.
It too is composed mostly of iron, plus substantial amounts of sulfur and nickel.
Coal has lots of pollution problems besides sulfur and nitrogen compounds.
Bacteria that can live on sulfur in hydrothermal vents would seem promising.
Of course, we'll have cold snaps in the future, after we've commenced with out sulfur dioxide injections into the stratosphere.
And sulfur has been used as a wine preservative since antiquity.
Sulfur dioxide carries health risks when it cycles out of the stratosphere.
And please no intentional sulfur injection into atmosphere or similar technocratic lunacies.
Thankfully, sulfur emissions from volcanoes and human coal burning cause global cooling.
Use horticultural oil either alone or mixed with lime sulfur or fixed copper.
Sulfur dioxide poisoning and excess heat caused scores of thousands of deaths.
Injecting sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere is hardly the best option.
To control peach blight and peach leaf curl, spray with lime sulfur mixed with dormant oil after leaves have dropped.
Sulfur dioxide emissions have also dropped over the last few days.
Sulfur dioxide gas released by the eruption traveled farther.
They absorbed near-infrared rather than visible light and produced sulfur or sulfate compounds rather than oxygen.
To control the diseases as well as scale insects, use sprays combining horticultural oil with either lime sulfur or fixed copper.
Lime sulfur may prevent spores from attaching to plant parts.
Dust cuts with sulfur or charcoal to discourage rot.
Sulfur dioxide combines with moisture in the air to produce acid rain.
The work focuses on two types of sulfur compounds known as sulfates and sulfides.
Bacteria grow by using the chemical energy of reduced sulfur compounds, plentiful in the warm vent water.
Sulfur dioxide combines with water vapor to form sulfuric acid particles that scatter, reflect, and absorb sunlight.
That's because today's airplane fuels are low in sulfur, and power plants now dominate sulfur dioxide emissions.
These might be dipped in sulfur oil or a saline solution.
Sulfur dioxide is a pollutant that helps produce acid rain.
Sulfate forms when a charged sulfur atom binds with four oxygen atoms.
Sulfur in the ash reacted with atmospheric ozone to scatter sunlight, causing vivid red sunsets around the world.
On its own, sulfur dioxide gas dissolves in the water on a wet leaf, increasing the acidity of the water.
Scientists have found huge concentrations of sulfur on the planet, thought to have formed as a result of water evaporating.
The newly freed sulfur atoms would then change color and lend the area its distinctive tinge.
The volcano also belched an enormous amount of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere.
Plants use sulfur to manufacture cysteine and methionine, two amino acids important for producing protein.
For example, bacteria living in active volcanoes oxidize sulfur to produce their own food.
Ash and sulfur dioxide spread through the atmosphere.
Insecticidal soaps, petroleum-based oils and sulfur also control insect pests.
The smell is caused by the release of methane and sulfur as the blooms decompose.
Sulfur and copper are minerals with a long history of use to control fungal diseases.
In addition, the distribution and transmission of electricity relies on sulfur hexafluoride.
He detected no indication of temperature increase in the water, no disturbance of the lake bed, no sulfur compounds.
Sulfur dioxide plumes were no longer detected in satellite imagery.
Unlike sodium-sulfur batteries, vanadium-flow batteries don't need to be heated to high temperatures.
Sulfur causes costly problems for high-temperature fuel cells.
Sulfur looks interesting, the voltage is a little lower, the capacity may be quite large.
Cyclic stability appears to be one of the main issues with using sulfur as a cathode.
The process can yield crude oil without the contaminating sulfur that much petroleum out of the ground contains.
The problem is a lack of existing infrastructure to make this low sulfur diesel.
These sulfur-oxidizing bacteria go nuts--instead of a greening of the seafloor it's a whitening of the seafloor.
The yellow sulfur makes the water appear green to the satellite's sensors.
The path is quite narrow, steep and the surrounding air is contaminated by sulfur.
The iron isn't pure-scientists believe it contains sulfur and nickel, plus smaller amounts of other elements.
The hydrothermal vents spew a toxic brew of boiling water, sulfur, and metal compounds.
Elderly visitors who drink the spring's sulfur-smelling water don't turn into teenagers.
Renewable diesel also creates far fewer sulfur dioxide, particulate, and nitrogen oxide emissions.
The skies used to be brown with smoke and acrid with sulfur.
The resultant fuel is cleaner than conventional, sulfur-free diesel.
The first full turn of the spiral coincided with the element oxygen, and the second full turn occurred at sulfur.
It happens that the movie arrives in a little sulfur cloud of industry rancor.
He uses barely any sulfur dioxide, the headache-producing preservative that abounds in supermarket wine.
They have hung sulfur-dipped rags to remind crows of gunpowder.
Statistics and information on the worldwide supply, demand, and flow of sulfur.
The following questions link to resources that provide safety and health information relevant to sulfur mustard in the workplace.
First off, let's eliminate any foods that have sulfur added as a preservative.
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