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Apply aluminum sulfate, which is often packaged expressly for hydrangeas, following label directions.
The yellow substance was gypsum, or calcium sulfate dehydrate, a common component of plaster.
He knew that microorganisms could live in oxygen-deprived environments by processing things such as sulfate and methane.
With the greenish, crystalline look of a pulverized windshield, ferrous sulfate is commonly given to iron-deficient humans.
Another teams up with unrelated bacteria species and uses sulfate to convert the greenhouse gas into energy.
They have also discovered jarosite, a sulfate that contains water and forms under acidic conditions.
He used the beads as an electrode in a cell full of lithium sulfate and water.
On the same page of the index he had been reading, he found the answer: dimethyl sulfate.
Beneath a bowling ball's urethane shell lies a dense core of polyester infused with calcium carbonate or barium sulfate.
And in the yellows that had browned, the team found their culprit in forcing the chromium change: barium sulfate.
Even organic fruits and vegetables are suspect, often bearing residues of the toxic pesticide copper sulfate.
Rather, she says, the crystals appear to form because the vacuoles in which they collect are rich in sulfate.
Therefore it requires maintaining civilization's infrastructures, and their cooling atmospheric sulfate pollution.
Medieval inks containing iron were synthesized from a type of iron sulfate known as green vitriol.
Glucosamine sulfate may be more effective than glucosamine hydrochloride.
The tube is connected to a bag that holds a liquid containing barium sulfate.
So he covered his lawn in an acidic combination of sulfur powder and aluminum sulfate.
Many people use over-the-counter remedies such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate.
For the test, barium sulfate is inserted into the rectum using a small, flexible tube.
Sulfate is a substance that occurs naturally in drinking water.
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