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It has adapted to a particular diet, while becoming less suited to eating other, tougher foods.
Although the rooms are sophisticated, their multifunctional materials and uses make them suited for kids and adults.
For decades, scientists and policy-makers have debated whether space exploration is better suited to human beings or robots.
Your cover letter should explain your experience and how it's suited to the position you are applying for.
But consider then whether you're suited to that kind of climate.
It was found that another applicant better suited our needs.
There he was boss and it suited him to let me see it.
Visitors should bring clothing suited for a tropical environment.
Few farmers are implementing sustainable water irrigation or crops more suited to the desert.
She found an inexpensive hotel close to downtown that suited our family, she told me about places to see and things to do.
Chimps are our closest living evolutionary relatives and, as such, are especially well suited to teach us about ourselves.
The isolation and severe climate well suited the penal needs of an authoritarian state ruled by a czar.
The result is a speed perfectly suited to a sixty-hour marathon.
But let's not pretend it's well-suited to insurance.
Poetry is an aural medium, and thus ideally suited to radio.
It's served hot, yet is somehow suited to the heat of the day.
Giraffes' long necks are perfectly suited to harvesting tender leaves beyond the reach of other herbivores.
The characteristics of sodium sulfur batteries are well-suited for that.
They are not suited for helping clients to use less energy.
Ultra caps are well-suited for energy recuperation systems that can increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
Each niche must find the method that is best suited for it.
First, ports are often not well suited to manage the sheer size of offshore turbines.
It should be up to the individual consumer which bulb is best suited for their application.
It is, at best, an editorial suited for the tabloids and network news publications.
Cats are obligate carnivores and not suited to vegetarianism.
Instead, when calibrating your monitor, you can choose a gamma setting that is best suited to the type of work you normally do.
Or, do you propose that you are suited for that decision.
Many characteristics of snakes today could have evolved as they became suited to a burrowing lifestyle.
We inevitably live in a non-boring universe suited to our peculiar kind of life.
And because the cervix is not suited for placental attachment, the implantation triggered bleeding in this patient.
The ethnic terminology used in the medical literature can be rather ill-suited to the task of biological taxonomy.
He chills cesium atoms in part because they are well suited to absorbing laser light.
Rejuvenated skin without the telltale signs of surgery, for the city's suited set.
Dessert shows are particularly suited to television.
Furthermore, they accept large magazines that permit sprays of rapid fire and are thus suited for human combat at close range.
The effect works best over a narrow range of viewing angles, so it is ill suited to television or cinema screens.
Warm sunny places are suited to solar thermal and solar photovoltaic power.
Oil should be conserved for uses for which oil is uniquely suited such as plastics and lubricants.
Fuel cells are likely to be well suited for urban areas where it is tuff to imagine a battery charger by every parking space.
But though she disdained her true gift, she was peculiarly suited by nature to be what in fact she was.
Television is best suited to the transmission of images of things that have already happened.
He had a vision, of an entirely new role for himself, one that suited a laid-back lifestyle as he reshaped his old image.
The suited-up rangers fight hordes of fully suited up bad-guys and there is little if any violence between recognizable people.
And this style of all-in-one seems particularly ill-suited.
It has a physical keyboard, albeit one best suited to munchkins.
At this point in his career, he's better suited as a general manager.
The trails aren't challenging and are well-suited for a family biking excursion.
It works well, but is only suited to a handful of other places.
They can be planted with the trees well suited to the market, and in convenient places.
Such intense lasers are better suited to power-beaming because the cells that collect the light they deliver can be smaller.
Such intense lasers are better suited to power-beaming because the cells that collect the laser light can be smaller.
Consumers have become more demanding and more arbitrary, so fast fashion is better suited to these changes, he argues.
Prescription drugs are legal and often legitimately prescribed, and hence not suited for a zero-tolerance approach.
The first is that computers, with their tolerance for tedium, are particularly suited to writing the steps of a formal proof down.
And the region is hopelessly ill-suited to withstand a shaking.
In some respects, decentralised policies make sense-local and state politicians are better suited to tackle divergent needs.
Command-and-control methods will also be ill-suited to the problems of the future, which are getting trickier.
Wikis are good at summarising debates, but they are ill-suited for biased opinion.
Ice-cold drinks are brought out by a white-suited servant.
It also makes the design well suited to the use of existing fissile material, which can be easily blended into the fuel mixture.
But goals are different, not a heavy chain but a bright challenge, better suited to summer because both are finite.
Or maybe his domesticated grace is more suited for a high-quality sitcom.
His voice was thin, reedy, not quite suited for the high notes or large gestures of the standard tenor.
But he is better suited to this task than he is widely understood to be.
Despite its breathtakingly cinematic scenery, the long-isolated kingdom couldn't be less suited to the mechanics of moviemaking.
Even our body needs peace of mind and is not suited to agitation.
Therefore, loose-fill insulation is well suited for places where it is difficult to install other types of insulation.
The direct cell-by-cell construction makes the library particularly well-suited to handling special boundary conditions and walls.
What features of this scanner make it particularly well suited for scanning fragile.

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