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Suicide is the act of taking one's own life on purpose.
Pity the lunatic fringe, poring over the lexicon to find an ersatz euphemism for suicide.
The moon is about to get some new visitors-including one on a suicide mission.
Suicide is on the rise for the first time in a decade, and it has a new face: middle-aged, white adults.
It's funny how things are so great and then you get the third biggest suicide rate in the world.
Since they were installed, the suicide rate has slowed to a trickle.
Suicide is a distinctive event, but its causes are hardly simple or single.
The country's suicide rate is among the highest in the world.
Suicide is a complex act, a convergence of troubled strands.
During a short release he twice attempted suicide with a gun from the vestibule rack.
Yet another couple committed suicide after their parents forbade them to marry.
But even then, such a story could no longer serve as a simple explanation of suicide.
They usually ignore the signals that tell them to commit suicide.
Humiliated and hopelessly outgunned, a revenge-seeking gamer adopts the tactics of a suicide bomber.
Thus, instead of dividing and multiplying, the cells commit suicide.
In fact, if a samurai was ever dishonored, he felt compelled to commit ritual suicide.
It's natural for a few people to fear new technology, but it's not often that people commit suicide over it.
It is a suicide mission, and everyone involved knows it.
Please call your therapist or a suicide prevention line immediately.
The trials also revealed some dangerous side effects, including a possible increased risk of suicide.
Rates of suicide and fatal car crashes peak during the teenage years.
It's really not going to look good for the funding source when the crew either commits suicide or kills each other.
It is time humanity stopped with the slow-motion planetary suicide that the deadly combo of fossil fuel and nuclear represents.
The do-or-die suicide squeeze may be baseball's riskiest play.
Of course, to actually report the facts would be academic suicide.
Studies on humans and other primates have linked low serotonin levels with low mood, increased aggression, and even suicide.
Suicide has become less a sin, more a modern disease.
Another huge suicide bomb this week battered that comfortable self-image.
But it was clear that the insurgency would go on and that it would consist of atrocities such as today's suicide bombing.
Guilt cannot keep its own secret, suicide is confession.
Recycling is the way of nature and apoptosis, or programmed cell suicide, is the linchpin of the body's recycling program.
The panel concluded that there was not enough evidence to connect the drugs with suicide, and the controversy subsided.
It can band into factions and wage war-complete with chemical weapons and suicide bombers-against its enemies.
When the flu virus infects our normal cells, they have to commit suicide to prevent the virus from spreading.
And this despair is characteristic of suicide everywhere.
Sorry to start this gorgeous summer day on an exceedingly somber note, but it's time to talk suicide.
Don't end a story with the whole shebang having been a suicide note.
Colleagues and friends remember him as someone who devoted his life to helping troubled adolescents and preventing suicide.
Previous estimates had ranked vehicular accidents as more than twice as likely as suicide to be responsible for student deaths.
Plenty of bipolar people and military veterans commit suicide.
Near the semester's end, my father committed suicide.
Expensive feed-in tariffs for green-approved sources is economic suicide.
Psychopaths commit suicide less than narcissists do.
She had committed suicide, after an argument with her parents about skipping school.
Tells about his suicide, and about a dying patient on writer's ward.
The story seems to come down quite strongly against the notion of suicide in terminal patients.
In the end he developed an obsession with suicide.
And people don't become suicide bombers because of ideology.
Plagued by poor health in his later years, he committed suicide at the age of sixty-four.
The novel begins, as it should, with a botched suicide attempt.
These are people with life-threatening illnesses at high risk of suicide who have impaired functioning.
But sources close to her say she tore the note up immediately, and flatly deny that she ever faked a suicide attempt.
He then took out a knife he had concealed and cut himself near his jugular vein, in what some construed as a suicide attempt.
His suicide suggested the unseen perils of my profession.

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