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Dolphins are known to hurl themselves up onto beach rocks in a suicidal frenzy to escape the mammal-hunting orcas.
Others argue vehemently that it's suicidal not to do so.
We know that people are more suicidal, engage in more domestic violence, and tend to drink more during these times.
Describes his subsequent risk-taking suicidal behavior.
The suicidal mood, of course, does not give ready entrance to alternatives and that brings us back to our first point.
US politicians have been playing this astonishing, suicidal game for months now.
The significance is that they thought the war was suicidal but were still ready to go ahead without complaint.
Top challenger blatantly suicidal and feared by all.
The rumination of depression is irrational, paranoid and morbid to the point of suicidal ideation and suicidal attempts.
In fact, roughly one third to two thirds of suicidal teens do not reveal past attempts to anyone.
Autonomic systems should also be able to heal, to recover from damage by some means other than a suicidal crash.
There is more to these suicidal protectors that meets the eye.
Senescent and suicidal cells damage the surrounding tissue and make it harder for the body's stem cells to regenerate new tissue.
His behaviour becomes more erratic and suicidal as his thoughts become more entrenched in this idea, and his health fails.
Hardly a reason to be confident in the ability of the system to prevent collectively suicidal behavior.
There are intimations of suicidal boredom here that perhaps require multidisciplinary thinking to plumb.
Anti-depressant medication and counselling have helped many people banish suicidal thoughts.
If you can convert the public to your view, a seemingly suicidal position can work to your advantage.
Their owners seem to be suicidal since they continue paying outrageous wages since their clubs are full of debt.
Many of them are addicts, depressed and near suicidal, but they are too weak to stop.
Suicidal preoccupation or threats of suicide should always be treated seriously.
Religious people are less depressed, less anxious and less suicidal than nonreligious people.
Even for the non-suicidal insurgent, the allure of arms often trumps the bleak career alternatives of civilian life.
He is suicidal, hears voices inside his head and talks to himself.
Denial about the world being a global village is self-destructive, and possibly suicidal for humanity.

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