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Example sentences for suggestions

Nearly every plant listed in this illustrated guide comes with suggestions for landscape use.
Even if you're buying your produce, you'll be happy with these tasty, summery suggestions.
The book is packed with practical suggestions for conserving resources.
His mind was a teeming warren of hints and suggestions.
Each of these will become more clearly apparent to the reader if he will accept certain practical suggestions.
He studied in the first place, by crafty suggestions, to gain over the holy patriarch to favour his design.
What suggestions of imperturbability and being, as against the human trait of mere seeming.
Through you every proof, comparison, and all the suggestions and determinations of ourselves.
All the contrary suggestions necessary have already been employed during the struggle carried on against the resistance.
But the temptation of a discovery so singular and profound, at last overcame the suggestions of alarm.
If you say you are quite content as you are, she nevertheless continues to shower suggestions.
Whatever your taste or budget, there are drive suggestions aplenty.
These are some of its suggestions, along with a few of our own.
Solicit suggestions on how to make the recycling work and phase changes in over time so busy staff isn't overwhelmed.
Ask the retailer that sold you the replacement unit to offer suggestions.
If the parties agree on the agenda, all actors are given an action plan to implement its suggestions.
If you end up at a restaurant with nothing but meat on the menu, ask the server for suggestions.
Suggestions have been made that the complete replacement of all body parts with more youthful components could increase longevity.
My comment was offering other suggestions on how this can also be done.
Moreover, they can freely resist the hypnotist's suggestions and are far from mindless automatons.
So many illiterate people don't know anything about the suggestions, but still live healthy.
Makes about as much sense as some of the airheaded suggestions above.
In my experience underachieving teenagers are likely to rebel at any such such suggestions.
Help, maybe the some of the members have some suggestions.
The suggestions of the environmentalists have caused more problems than they have solved to date and at great costs.
It has to go beyond basic algorithmic suggestions based on popularity.
The other two red dye suggestions wouldn't have an increased risk for sensitivity, but they are problematic for other reasons.
However, some of the suggestions to alleviate the problem strike me as far better in the abstract than in the reality.
There have been some suggestions that cosmic rays could affect clouds.
Comments and further suggestions from interested readers welcomed and appreciated.
Let me address some of the suggestions in these comments.
Give us your feedback or suggestions about the magazine or an online feature.
Some of these well-meant suggestions will work against you.
To test for quality and uniformity, they ate regular items and offered suggestions for new ones.
Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Although they were favorable, they did have some suggestions.
Participates in cross functional teams and groups, providing guidance and suggestions to improve efficiencies.
The suggestions he gets in the middle of the semester he can use to shape his teaching right then and there.
Let me offer a few suggestions about the challenge of leading a religiously diverse nation in particular.
Thanks, oversensitive for your suggestions and comments about your library.
Without wanting to encourage obsession with fonts and formats, let me offer some suggestions.
Any suggestions or comments are really appreciated to help me with this predicament.
We don't require it, however, and faculty members make such suggestions sparingly.
They pointed out a lot of problems and offered suggestions including recollecting the data.
Be sure to check out part one and part two of this year's gift guide as well as last year's suggestions, part one and part two.
They offer insight, practical skills, and a variety of applicable suggestions for managing everyday life.
The sometimes contradictory suggestions for new features have stimulated the design process.
No doubt, there will be a good mix of creative, unusual and bizarre suggestions.
Packed with suggestions and resources for living as benignly as possible.
Feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments section.
The volume fluctuates but the flow of suggestions is constant.
There were other less potent suggestions, such as transferring its operations to a special public corporation.
To explain this breach of irrelevance theory, academics have made several suggestions.
More suggestions of bad behaviour by tobacco companies.
Sometimes, radical suggestions have preceded a career at the top.
Three teams of experts are now studying the legislation and the volumes of suggestions received from all sides.
Many obstetricians are clearly overworked, with no time to offer more than suggestions and results.
Only in the final paragraph does he provide some suggestions about how to apply these ideas in one's own life.
Through an interpreter, he holds a meeting with all the sales and service staff, asking for their complaints and suggestions.
Clever software and wary editors then decide which suggestions to adopt.
Constructive suggestions are rare in a debate that has mixed a lot of rhetorical cant with a big principle.
They made six suggestions, including speeding up payouts, ideally to a few days.
And suggestions that more avenues for legal migration might reduce demand for the illegal variety seem wrong.
Some of the suggestions that have suggested themselves are obvious, others deliciously counterintuitive.
As always, commenters are encouraged to contribute their own suggestions, or to review past nominations.
Feel free to share your thoughts on these suggestions.
And we'll be tweaking it in the coming weeks, and welcome your suggestions.
It is easy to trace the development of the mental suggestions thus received.
All these suggestions were mildly helpful, and well-intentioned.
When she finishes with this first draft, my poem will be lashed with suggestions.
There are also recipe suggestions on the jars and they work really well.
The suggestions of how to limit head trauma have been as plentiful as they would be ineffective.
Sprinkled throughout your new novel are suggestions of a connection between anger and the development of a writer's voice.
But there are a number of suggestions for less-intrusive management regimes.
There are various suggestions for how protein folding does its magic.
More intriguing are the suggestions for gestural interfaces.
Suggestions of experiments that might be done to support it would also be good.
At the conclusion of the screening, there were a few suggestions for tightening here and clarification there.
Post your suggestions in the comments section if you have any.
So people who lost their jobs in this process can get suggestions from business forum.
He chafed under their constant stream of memos and suggestions.
She was completely open to anybody's suggestions, no matter how personal, no matter how scary.
She adds that suggestions by her ex-husband that she also worked as an escort are untrue.
Please send us your comments or suggestions for improvements.
For some time, there have been suggestions that the vehemence of the original statement was obsolete.
The final of these suggestions stuck with him, and the band launched into it.
Thank you to everyone who wrote in with suggestions and comments on the posts during the last three and a half months.
Following are a few suggestions, in no particular order.
They are all concerned with my suggestions that the experiments were unnecessary.
Rather, the major point of my essay was the probity of mandates versus suggestions.
The shadow of violence doesn't preclude suggestions of intimacy.
But these suggestions are unhelpful because a judge must rely on moral conviction even to discover what history teaches.
The others soon chimed in with suggestions and the exam closed with questions about his future plans for research and writing.
If you have suggestions for how state government can serve you or your profession, please let us know.

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